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  1. New launcher

    I tried downloading the new launcher yesterday... ; o; I didn't even get to the real "new" launcher, my game got wiped at that error pop-up. Also unlucky, I got a windows update, once it restarted none of my drives had bns files.
  2. Salvaging Soul Shields bug

    I tried it, and I un-highlighted. But it didn't work so guess you have to click it. o.o
  3. Salvaging Soul Shields bug

    Alright let me try it out!
  4. Salvaging Soul Shields bug

    When you try to salvage multiples of the same shield (in a stack of 2 or more), pressing Y to salvage them doesn't work on blues, instead you have to click. Nothing crazy, but I figured it would be helpful to know. If it matters, I was salvaging Sealed Blackram Supply Soul Shields.