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  1. 64-Bit problems so far.

    Outside taking 10 min to load , fps is normal to me....but ufff 10min to finally being at the character screen is annoying
  2. Tomb Of Exiles Burning Flames

    u can solo it at 45 with easy
  3. Safe (PvP Disabled) Channel

    FORCED pvp isnt the solution , thats why B&S has costumes so u can choose to participate OR NOT...and yeah faction imbalance issues exists , why? is simple if u arent into PVP and want to do your dailys you just join the biggest faction so u can PVE (some dont even PVP at all but want to do dailys safely)
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    some ppl with the costume are being bullied ingame , a bm with that costume was bidding something and every1 was bidding too , good thing ppl cant kick others because i see ppl kicking those guys before even entering the dungeon , 1 summoner even keep outbiding the guy weapon , "too bad u cant buy that sword on the market"...lol
  5. Wind Walking and the Lack of Stamina

    what i would love is to LEAVE COMBAT FASTER ...gez moving from mob to mob sometime is painfull , and i have 2 "charges" but 16m only :(
  6. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    op....i know how u feel...
  7. Marketplace

    only EU issue right?
  8. Cinderlands Daily quests buged?

    how come some Cinderlands daily dont reward valor stones? :S , only 1 key and cinderland chest (with 1 healing tonic 99.99% chance)
  9. RIP Servers again

    oh well maint....time to sleep , see ya tommorrow guys :D
  10. RIP Servers again

    NcSoft this evening : Ncsoft now:
  11. RIP Servers again

    hahaha sesame street video rocks .... ncsoft HQ
  12. 7 DAYS TO DELETE!?

    do you know that u can restore DELETED characters? hell in wow i remember being hacked and got deleted characters asked for restoration and got back 2 chars , 1 was a 3 years old priest lol , character data is so small that u can keep the info forever , i remember too FFXI that had a policy of deleting characters on OLD accounts (3month w/o sub i think) , yet ppl that stoped playing for years could come back and play again.... let ppl create more accounts and then wonder why u dont get premium , buy premium on BM , or FM account? ....arghh on none and thats it ... buy something from the store? what account? nah dont gonna buy anything.... NCsoft is losing money not giving at least 4 slots to f2p , wait until warlock is released.....i have a bag full of popcorn just for that
  13. NCSOFT, please move our login server to EU

    looks like ...same goes for marketplace
  14. RIP Servers again

    stuck connecting :(
  15. RIP Servers again

    unable to loot , unable to accept quests....decided to relog....error 402 server rip