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  1. Ty to all who said something smart about how to beat sins. I really appreciate that :) And im at 327/300 at win rate in arena, and was watching tons of videos, but still no luck with sins. I get them low, but somehow the just escape from my hands. Or even worst, they do dmg, and run away in stealth from me, waiting on the other side of arena. So its just a *cricket* class or *cricket* plays. But still, tnx again.
  2. I know everything, and ive done everyting to beat sins, but thre isnt much that can be done! The only way to win vs assassin is that he messes up a combo, or not to put a lotus, or to use tab for no reason, or to attack from stealth when im not stunned. But now, when they can just escape every my combo with 2 ESCAPES, and when i cant break their combo exept with tab, im surrendering xD As Princess Zelda said, im having more win rate vs any other class, even summoners! then vs assassins.
  3. I'm blade master, and ive been playing arena for some time, i have over 800 games so far. Im stuck at gold 1700-1800 so i kinda know how this game goes. Im not saying that im pro or anything but i play a lot and i love arena. So this is my problem : I win 1 out of 20 assassins after lvl50 patch. Before last patch sin was, lets say easy to win. I had few difficult opponets, but in total i "could do something" agains them. BUT AFTER PATCH TROUBLES BEGINS!!! I simply cant do anything if they know combo, and every gold sin does becouse it is very easy!!! Those stuns and in beetween stealths,
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