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  1. When BNS first started i went on one of the lowest populated servers so i could play and not queue for hours but now i can barely play, theres no clans on my server at all no recruitment clan or party and the 24 man instances have been empty for weeks, no one there can no longer do quests in nightshade at all because no one is there at all and i mean at all, cant get bosses or anything so cant do those 24 man instances and no clans to join to party with... my server is so dead
  2. Which soul shield next?

    Lvl 45 and I have been at the BSH soul shield for a while since ive been making money, but now i want to focus on my soul shield again? Which soul shield or soul shield combination is best to have next? I'm looking for decent crit and HP
  3. Merge Servers + Pvp/Pve Rewards

    I agree with merge
  4. No way would I pay that, even if I had it. I'm more of a casual player so it's hard enough to get enough money for my materials and i don't think you should have to pay to be in a guild plus 3g everyday is waaay too much, why does he even want/need it?
  5. I'm pretty sure everyone first would google why it isnt working or ask forum rather than just freaked out and deleting everything on an entire game and the game itself over it, no matter how much they wanted the name, so yea i think its stupid and yea it kinda does serve him right he brought it on himself, its not anyone elses fault And FYI id be saying the same thing to myself too if i did something like that, or to anyone Also no one took his name either, it was waiting for him in 24 hrs time
  6. Wish Silverfrost was never released.

    Most of the lvl 45 stuff was already empty on my server anyway before silverfrost so it hasn't made a difference to me... no one in 24 mans before and still won't be now :p
  7. I'm sorry but I think it serves you right for raging and freaking out so much going so extreme over a damn name.... try googling next time, NC soft has wrote this on the website too
  8. If anyone else has/had this problem you can write it here for ncsoft to see. I can no longer post replies to forum posts... its happened on all posts lately, the reply button goes to "saving..." for a few seconds like usual but then fails to post and goes back to the reply button. I press it about 50 times but nothing changes and i can't post any replies.
  9. Help with character face!

    Second one
  10. I actually really like the traveller costume for my gon ahaha
  11. I'm in moonwater plains in the first area past hogshead pastures, lvl 45 KFM, and I want to upgrade my soul shield. I'm currently using one with crit bonuses, but am wondering which one I should take next/which one is recommended?
  12. Theres a slot for a soul in the inventory, and i saw someone mention moonwater soul... where do you get souls from? Do they add AP? other stats?
  13. My assessment so far.

    Something to think about in terms of the RNG, non trading and grinding aspect is this. I watched some videos on a game creator and expert that said asian games are different from the west in terms of the fact that (unlike the west) eastern gamers dont want to pay to buy weapons and upgrades and just blitz through the game, instead they want to show off their hard work through grinding in order to get powerful. The eastern game design is based around this, that there is RNG and non trading on weapons so it makes it harder to progress with the weapons and accessories so that when you finally do get it it showed that you got it through hard work and is something to be proud of rather than just buying it from other players. Since this game comes from the east originally and some of the features will be unchanged of course I think its to expect that the game will still have these features (rng, non trading, grind etc) and I also feel like it fits the game well since the entire game and story line is also about hard work and slow progession. Personally I like the rng. Sometimes you get it first go or first few, sometimes it takes a while, thats what rng is. I feel like if you could just buy all the weapons and accesories and everything the game would nearly be as fun and interesting, i probably wouldnt play as long if i could just get through it easy like that, you'd have no motivation to work for anything. If a game isn't a bit hard or challenging then whats the point in playing
  14. Where do you get souls from?

    Yea well I wanted a bit of a change since I do that to people in my everyday life, succubus ftw, any other suggestions :P
  15. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    I think it's funny how we are supposedly a great martial artist, much training, will someday probably in the story prevent the dark lord from taking over the universe etc. yet we can't run for more than 20 seconds or fly for more than 20 seconds xD
  16. I thought that since the 1 month premium isnt here anymore, it would be pretty cool if instead of getting the wardrobe for free everyone could buy it by charging N coins (using real money) and make it so it isn't so expensive. I bet they would make a lot of money from that because I'd definitely buy the wardrobe but don't care much for the other membership bonuses
  17. To our Weeabos

    It kinda sounded like you were saying people were 'weeabos' because they didn't like the english voice acting... which is a really stupid thing to say. It doesn't make someone a weeabo plus i was under the impression weeabo was specific to japanese culture and not korean
  18. I'd love to have housing - it could be really fun to make your own housing (providing it costed in game money) and you could do it like runescape and have training rooms in there or something haha I think wings doesnt fit in a martial arts themed game, and we can already fly so why need wings? I don't care much for pets, but other than that mounts would be my second choice just as long as they were actually faster than sprint
  19. Should I play this game... again?

    In my experience as a veteran gamer, if you gotta force yourself to get into it, or want to play it because of a nostalgia feeling well then you won't get into it again. It seems like you aren't getting very far in the game, and you want to enjoy it for whatever reason but you're not. I mean you can try of course if you want but I think I know where this is going and I reckon you'll probably just uninstall it again :p
  20. Daily Dash

    NC soft already said they were going to alternate the daily dash each time, one time will be costume the other will be the previous one we had
  21. Housing??


    I'm so disappointed they added these costumes in there - for when people like myself grinded so hard for them, and costumes that were rare, and now everyone can get them easily by just buying it, it's ruined all the hard work and effort and made it into nothing anymore :( now my character wouldnt be different or unique and my hard work isnt known because everyone can buy and wear them, such a shame
  23. I just spent 37g to upgrade from true profane to first siren wep, do i need to get all the way to true siren to carry on the path smoothly in lvl 50 patch? For example, if i stay at first siren wep will i have wasted that 37g because it will upgrade from the profane path instead of siren?
  24. Weapon upgrade question, please help!!!

    You didn't answer my question.