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  1. No discount path for raven users, no refunds, no event stone for raven upgrade. And now this. Thanks for erm... bufff. Was waiting for it so much. You know what guys? Play it by yourself. If you cannot even do skillpatch without breaking anything... well gl hf. p.s. both screens unbuffed, 70 points in attack.
  2. inspired by bns academy reddit topic (There was a long text, but I've managed to shorten it). TL;DR: You have raised gear (soul) bar too high without decreasing previous gear accessibility/cost (such thing is standard practice in tons of other MMO-games), providing major advantage to top whales/and nolifers. Such design decision was very painful for majority of loyal “mid-pack” playerbase, who had pretty decent gear, but stuck with 6-10 lvl soul and were slowly progressing with it. Btw this already happened before to pets, who became another gold sink,
  3. Hey guys, I have a new ground-breaking suggestion list. Hope CMs will take it serious and pass feedback to devs. 1. I hate default gon f idle "crooked pose". Its ugly, fix it. 2. Please change axe postition on gon f back. I dont like it too - rotate it a bit. Current axe vertical position is stupid. 3. Change textures for scarlet/red/whatever bird, savannah and other similiar looking outfits for gon F. If you want good sales for this stuff make it look similiar to jin/yun counterpart. Current "censored-style" looks is no good for gon f and noone is wearing it. Bad fo
  4. Good riddance. Better late than never. This "necessary class" obsession gone too far.
  5. Said

    Des bracelet

    Dragon for pre SS/BT gear, tiger for SS/BT gear.
  6. C'mon guys stop this hypocrisy. We all know that most RLs will shit their pants, but wil make sure raid have enough wls, sins, bd/bms, healers and stuff. And destros in raid are like... ok, we have 1-2 850+ totally whaled axe-guys with true souls, we can take them... probably.
  7. The "best" thing is that destro grab/restrain isnt actually useful in dungeons anymore (most cases). Some classes like FMs, WLs and other have SO FREAKING POWERFUL awakened skills that they completely outshine their "restrain dps" skill. For destro dps number are - X= normal dps, x2 = awaken skill dps, x3= restrain skill dps, x4=restrain+awaken critdmg buff (rough numbers). BUT IT DOESNT WORK FOR OTHER CLASSES like fms. THEY JUST HIT AWAKEN DRAGONS**** and completely outdps anything. So, say goodbye to grab/restrain, it isnt useful anymore. All you need is Wl and their s
  8. Hey, Valiant. When I made my destroyers issues topic they were about pve mostly. Yet, some issues are common for pvp. 1. Chi management - terrible design, bad regen, no real chi regen skills etc, etc, already discussed. 2. No real iFrames or "oh shi.." button. C is the only reliable iframe that can be used. Everything else is trash. Q aka red spin - ppl can just kill u while you are in. They can ran away and wait for out of chi (see p1.) Its even NOT REAL IFRAME FOR PVE due its LAME TICK MECH. Yeti can freeeze u THROUG Q. Your butt get burned in foundry when c
  9. BD is actually mix of BM and destro. Its the first class that was added after game was released. Class that should never exist imo in the first place. Class that was absurdly buffed only because it has low popularity. And now thanks to "wise" korean balance it makes destro totally unnecessary.
  10. Thank you for your kind words. Problem is... i already suggested creating party buff version of emberstomp. There was BIG topic more than half-year ago where I described most of destro class problems and it was there at suggestions list. Now I can say that it was completely ignored by the devs or local CMs who were supposed to send some feedback to the devs. That is why now I came with party red buff attempt. Didnt want to repeat myself.
  11. Aaaaaand here we go again. Lets take a look at this nice guide by bnsacademy. ---------------------- http://www.bns.academy/skybreak-spire/ Suggested raid composition: 4 warlocks, one for each party 3 tanks (bm or kfm) 4 blue buffs, one for each party (assassin or kfm) 4+ party iframes one for each party (assassin, summoner, force master, blade master, blade dancer) note: avoid putting multiple iframes that share a global cooldown in the same party (e.g. blade master and blade dancer) 4+ healers one for each party (summoner, soul fighter)
  12. To get this stuff you need to get in raid. To get in raid you need good dps. To get good dps you need this stuff... Korean gamedev balance in 2017.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/mKuPi More than half-year into nothing. Seriously I am starting to suspect that Korean devs balance game about friends and family requests, not from statistical numbers. There is NO logical explanation for all sins buff throughout all 2016. Except mb someone in game balance department have little son playing sin and he still cant be good enough (its Just my theory, not slander attempt). Same for warlock, Another class I'd hapily see nerfed into oblivion, because after all its still OP as *****, and getting even more buffs next patch.
  14. I said it before and gonna repeat it again. MSP is very, very, very unrewarding. With current number of plants obtained and/or required for 1 flower its horrible grindfest. Even getting 1-5 without rng blessing is HARD. Getting 6-8 is insane. Getting more 1-8 shields for good rolls and fusing is beyond insane from the perspective of wasted time. So, yes, Normal players will leave it in time, Most will get 1-5 and leave it, because wasting hours every day during week just to get one more SS is too much. Especially since there are tons of other more rewarding content.
  15. I have several thoughts about new patch and event, and I'd like to share it. General impression now is 3/10. Some outfits are nice, holiday decorations and music are sweet, but general impression is pretty sad. Also Dokdans voice is terrible. I don't remember if this character always was like this, but his Khanda Vihar questline made my ears bleed. I've never complained about audio before, it was ok for me, but now it was really something. Also are you planning to add audio to Mushins tower?
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