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  1. Spinnenreißzahn (Kopfverzierung)

    Meinst du die in der Gruft der Verbannten (Versteckter Raum) ? Falls ja, die droppt da von der großen Spinne (Nur von der) Entweder gibts da die 2 Pötte Ti Mon und Pum Ba, Gruppe kleiner Spinnen oder eben die große und das ist dann ein rare drop.
  2. Im doing alot of low dungeons just to help out other people. And if a boss is dead I dont open the chest. And I pass on everything. Because I don't need it. Blackram is good for the extra health after 10 runs. other than that I agree... Yeah not worth it unless you're after the costume.
  3. Extreme Hänger und Verzögerungen

    Was genau sind bei Dir diese Hänger? Kompletter Bildschirm-Stillstand für 1-2 sec? Habe ich auch erst seit dem... Und immer wenn es "hängt" hab ich eine hohe Festplattenauslastung trotz SSD. Vielleicht liegts am pre-load? Keine Ahnung von der Materie. Trau mich aktuell nicht mehr pvp zu machen ^^
  4. Ist das ein Scherz?

    MMOs sind nicht wirklich dafür gemacht es solo zu gehen das fängt bei Quests an wo man mehrere Mobs umnieten muss. Der der zuerst kommt malt zuerst. Mit Gruppe bekommt jeder Progress. Gruppen findet man schnell imo
  5. Ist das ein Scherz?

    XD ich hab nicht geheult. Ich meinte damit die die sich aufregen wegen dem Bieten sind die "Alleingänger", die Serverübergreifend mit randoms gehen,statt sich eine Gruppe zu suchen, mit denen man das abfarmt
  6. Ist das ein Scherz?

    Einige hier sind wohl lonely wolves, wie es scheint....
  7. Ist das ein Scherz?

    Joah eben ^^ Droppen eigentlich Kostüme in Poh 6? ich würd das so feiern mit randoms die wie wild drauf bieten und ich seh nur mein Täschchen sich füllen. Farmen eig. Grundsätzlich mit Gruppen. Da wird dann so lange gegangen, bis jeder hat was er/sie will. Außerdem gibts neben dem Kostüm-für-1x-Bronze bei Gruppen noch den Vorteil, dass man sich kennen lernt, es entstehen Synergien und Progress gibts ehh. Basis ist eigentlich egal ob Bieten oder Bedarf/Gier in Gruppen macht das keinen Unterschied. 2 Tage alles von Poh 4 bekommen. Jetzt lauf ich Lanlan nur noch für daylies
  8. Ist das ein Scherz?

    Ich find die Bietauktionen auch besser. Warum Bedarf/Gier? Viele heulen hier rum wegen RNG bla bla bla.... auf der einen Seite. Aber auf der anderen Seite will man noch mehr RNG? holy moly Warum ein System vermiesen, das nur Vorteile bringt?
  9. Remove the bid system.

    RNG rolls are dumb.... Game isn't new. Strategy has been proven already. for FFXIV OMG yes gear... but what about minions/mounts with randoms? OMG no. Keep it this way. Why complaining? No group? I have a group and we are farming till it's dead. The only thing where I did mass bid with randoms was for head acc. But I already had 37 gold to spend so idc... Dont need much money anyway. Item-price will reduce to death. TBH Im rather "farming" gold via random group than crafting. Not worth it.
  10. Remove the bid system.

    No, it would not. imo Let them rich people rage-bid against another rich guy. Profit. You don't need much from dungeons. And do not farm endgame-stuff with randoms. This is what a clan/friends ect is/are for. People farming it and everyone is getting shit for a copper. Easy
  11. Remove the bid system.

    I love that system. Dungeon-run with randoms and a costume dropped I already had, people went crazy and I moved out with 11 gold and 13 silver or something which cost me 1 copper with my group earlier XD. Even low dungeons allow you to win some silvers. And you are not restricted to do it once a day. Easy money if you're lucky with loot. Could buy me some moonwater stones and outbit pohs hair another day. But the thing I love most is the greedy factor of the players. People wanna have stuff asap. If people don't win - they go to the forum and whine about how shit the system is.

    He probably skipped all the cutscenes :D

    I died there once, but I'm feeling much better now. Storyline is all about hurting others who already lost everything, so don't do this to me pritti plz?
  14. Da steht aber nicht, dass man es generell nicht nutzen darf. Nur eben mit der Absicht, schädliche Aktionen auszuführen. WTFast ansich beeinträchtigt nicht.
  15. Oh wow its Brian again. Maybe he just doesn't know (yet).
  16. It's the fastest way to reply to many tickets at the same time. That's what I did when I was supporter at InnoGames. Just do a few clicks, add in directories, click the text button, mark all and there you go. :) Feels hard they stand their no-tolerance politics for the "Lack of knowledge doesn't protect" people. I wish they could just remove the nonstop-spammers instead of this... 3 days suspension with a warning sounds more appropriate to me. imo E: Also believe to attempt to incite or participate in breaking the rules by posting support messages in the forum is against the rules as well. So just don't do it. Don't blame, just want to prevent further damage.
  17. There should be a thirdpartysoftwarereadme.txt in your installation folder containing detailled infos. I've seen people here saying they borrowed a friends account to type in here, really? its like "please ban this one too!" It makes me sad to see all of you gets the ban now and can't do anything but waiting for negative replies. I get mass-spammed in all locations up to jadestone. 3 days, same people. Blocklist limited to 50. wow. They should separate the way of how you use such third party softwares. But unfortunately, they don't. I've spent 4 hours to read and understand the ToS ect. But 99% of the people don't bother. Maybe pray and hope for some warm hearts? Rare these days...
  18. Winter Sets

    Ganz rechts den Button drücken, wo steht "Details" oder so ähnlich. Da kannst Du es dann auch kaufen. Bei mir ging es so.
  19. To strike is one way to show companies another line of sight. They probably get a list of what has been sold and maybe change their mind of their sell-politics. Worked great in another game where most people refused to buy anything for a period of time. As long as that doesn't happen, it would make no sense to move on another road. imho If its too expensive for me I'm not buying it. Especially when I am with different characters and want the same costume for all of them. :-)
  20. Well, this discussion reminds me of a game from Hamburg-Germany which was purely p2w -.- Kinda spent about 800 bucks in total within a month before I realized what I really did there. And it wasnt spent to be ahead of others. No it was because not to see the backlights of everyone else all the time. And people were buying this. Alot... Im fine with the prices here. And tbh I dont need everything. It just should look fine to the character/look/personality - no fanservice outfits. Don't need to see boobs'n butts all the time when Im running and the camera is always fixed to it. Wow where can I change that Q_Q. In other MMOs new stuff was always on top of the price-list and dropped either if sells went down, no demand at all after new ones came out ect. Its like in other games when it is about content related items which get nerfed and easier to collect because of increased drop rates or new ways/locations to get them. Personally I dont understand why people cry about prices for the outfit as long as you are not about collecting all of them. Seriously, how many of them you're actually wearing? Sure tight dresses look sexy since at least non Lyn-female became nothing more than a big breast virtual sex object imho. But I know in the new society life it's all about presentation, be one of the first who owns this and that to show it to others, to get attention or whatever. The comm has a word for it. And NCsoft knows it. And that's why it is what it is.
  21. Was sind so eure Ziele in B&S ?

    Habe das Spiel bisher nur in Videos gesehen und kann dann ab Freitag los legen (Sofern der Beta-Status mich nicht anlügt) Spielen werde ich wohl entweder einen männlichen oder weiblichen Lyn, da mich die übertriebene Oberweite mit extremen Jiggle der anderen Rassen stört. Bin in anderen Spielen schon Crafter gewesen und werde mich nebst Story und Content auf das Hochleveln aller Crafter mit versch. Charaktern insgesamt konzentrieren. PVP ist allerdings der Hauptgrund, warum ich erst einmal am Wochenende testen möchte