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  1. Ist "Verwüsten" ein toter Skill?

    Mit Würgegriff Gegner greifen und dann anderes Ziel als Target dann kann man alle im Umkreis umwerfen.
  2. Nerf Beschwoerer

    Das schwerste an Summis ist die Koordination und man muss für jeden Gegner neu skillen. Welche Wurzel hat man. Efeu bei Destroyer? Sonnenblume? LOLNOPE. Richtige Minze, Welcher F-Counter? Lieber Ketten-Dot oder Fokusschaden? Movement-Malus? Einmal Katze falsch positioniert hat man evtl. seine Minze verschwendet wenn man sie mal braucht und Gegner entweder ranziehen und pinnen oder wegstoßen muss. nen FM im Blütensturm gefangen hat zb keine chance mehr nachdem er greift und mit Minze gepinnt und im Sturm gerooted wird. Wenn er angreift bekommt der Summ je Hit 2% Leben. Stat-changes gehen nicht durch. wenn er sich mit Tab-Ice schützt wartet man eben ect. bei Destro ZB geht das wunderbar beim 2. Grip garantierter Kill. Auch wichtig wie man den Pin skillt. Beim LBM geht der erste Pin in den Counter, der 2. geht garantiert durch. Voller Schaden, 50% Def-Malus. Nach 10 Sekunden automatischer Knockdown, Blütensturm, root, dots drauf, Katzenhammer daze, Dornenschlag und immer schön LMB spammen, 3. Katze Knockdown - Pin (Counter) 4f Counter und Bienen-Dot drauf ohne zu kiten weils bei LBM eh nichts bringt und man so eher auf seinen Tod wartet. Sunflower ist eher was für KFM und assa, wo es schnell gehen muss *find* Und immer schön die Aktionen und Muster beim Gegner anschauen. Wenn man die erste Runde verliert muss man umskillen. So manche Angewohnheiten sind dann die gleichen und als Summi ist man eher flexibel. Und Summoner mit 50 das ist kein Nerf. Werd auch erst mit lvl 50 richtig Arena machen. Hab mich auf Gold gemacht und spiele PVP nur im Tag Team für Bohnen und Seelensteine. Kann hier nichtmal meinen Main richtig spielen weil ich immer kopfschütteln hab und "I need more skillpoints and where is my bomb" brülle. Sehr ungewohnt als FM hierzugegen ... Apropros FM gegen Sums kann auch Spaß machen weil das jemand hier beschrieben hat den 5 Sekunden 100-0 Nuke.
  3. Katze hält nach dem Patch keine Aggro mehr !!!

    Ich mache bei Mushin F7 zb Suizid bei ca. 70% bis dahin refreshe ich und dodge mit 4f1 ss Q. Und stelle Chi wieder her und mache 3+F Wachdienst. Beim Rez kann ich bequem bis zu 0% nuken, ohne dass der Boss das Interesse an dem Vieh verliert.
  4. Sonnenbrille GG ?

    Änder einfach Helligkeit schon siehst die assis beim flasheh
  5. Show off your Character - Eure Screenshots!

    Ok hier an der Stelle noch meine kleine FM Von hier noch die zwei kleinen lvl 2 Lyns. Bei mir gibts leider nur F Lyn und M Gon. Einmal LBM Und Summi <3
  6. Junghado's spamming extravaganza.

    Okay, if you know his patterns it makes it alot easier. He has fixed patterns (He rushes to you doing his combo) use tab ice My buils is LMT F1 T4 RMT F1 T3 F F3 T3 Tab fire F2 T3 2 F2 T3 X F1 T3 frost X F2 T2 Fire C F1 T3 Ice C F1 T2 Fire S F1 T1 V F2 T2 Frost Rest is obvious (And I think you know about 1, Q and E) Start with LMB LMB RMB RMB LMB for pull LMB, 2, (F on proc) Use 4 with v (fire) Continue with LMB and Fire F proc Spin rotations with RMT and LMB with F procs, Run clockwise, Z ice Use fire combos, use F proc if available. When first ice AOE comes use 4 to catch boss and drag him outside of the ice AOEs Use with fire V and 4 to get HP back, then use ice with F ice procs 2 (Damage build) in between, depends on focus) He should be around 75% now. If he is close to you after he have done his combo use tab escape with HP generation on ice and use 4 and then 2 to move him away from you. Then start your ice C and RMT, Ice F combos and use 3 to get focus back After that its just rinse and repeat, youll get closer and just use your fire 2 with LMT and fire F Procs., 4 grab, fire V Again Fire LMT with Fire F procs. Only use 3 ice to restore focus if you dont have siren weapon or higher. Always try to keep distance. Use 4 and then 2 to get boss away from you then Ice C and RMT with Ice combos ect and F on proc. I know its late and maybe its different from cn now but the real thing is to know when he is doing his combo which will drain alot HP from you. Get ready to use pots in between and use your tab ice, so its a gg 2ez. Im only using 4 combos and hes dead but thats because mushin 7 is 3 year old content now.
  7. 230ms in Arenas?

    250ms is really hard. thats my normal ping when Im playing on NA or "the name I dont want to tell country for a reason" server. Its not really on their end. its more like the ISP. I know Square-Enix worked with some IPS to get rid of it. It worked for some people but still---- Its like playing as a korean guy on NA server here as it would be for me. Destroyer from Korean or china vs a good KFM living in NA playing on NA server you dont have a chance.
  8. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    ISP: Deutsche Telekom AG Country/City: Germany/Frankfurt Jadestone village channel 1: ~ 70ms @ 5:17 GMT +1 Jadestone Village channel 2: ~55ms @ 5:21 GMT +1 Mushin Tower entrance: ~ 51-73ms @ 5:22 GMT+1 Arena matchup 1: 39ms @ 5:25 GMT+1 Arena matchup 2: 43ms@ 5:44 GMT+1 Arena matchup 3: 37-41ms@ 7:21 GMT+1 (Round 1 and round 2)
  9. Junghado's spamming extravaganza.

    Sounds stupid as a FM but the master tactic ist just the "dps like a *cricket* and only dodge simplified shit." The thing is - in all patterns its all about doing the best possible DPS. What is your build? Im sure I can help you
  10. 230ms in Arenas?

    Aren't all servers from EU in Frankfurt/Germany? Because someone from spain pvp'ed with someone from Germany and both got high ping? Correct me if Im wrong but I tested some tracings and they were not that great. Pray to a good routing I would suggest. Isn't something connected to NA as well? because people already complaining about. I know you dont give a cricket. (Whatever it had to mean) to my post. I dont care.
  11. 230ms in Arenas?

    Stop crying. NA>EU. I got diamond with my FM on CN server with 420 ms plus some more. I mean I get 30 ping now. Holy Moly I can rek peope even Im only level 17 :D Okay to make myself clear because someone whispered at me right nao. If you played Battlefield (Good old days) you got kicked out when you were at ~200ms. Because your bad ping affected all the players. They all had to wait for your damn ping to get ready. If in a group of course. I think it's kinda the same here.
  12. Cant Purchase NCoin's

    Had a similar issue where i wasn't able to buy more NCoins. Just went like why the *cricket* you dont want them? Holy Moly wow! But I realized that I have spent almost 1000 bucks within a week and got banned from all transaction services. I know gold spammers use fraud attemps selling NCoins (Gives you shit from store and you'll have to pay some golds to them.) but using fake details. Anyway.... Support helped me to lift the limit by 24 hours. Im not mad. Holy moly I quit another game cause 100 bucks @ 3 month was too much for me.# But look at this? Well to get to the actual point - Im always buying some paysafecards because anonymity and so on... And I had several issues where I got an error like you "Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes. (5104)" But then I realized that the PSC was already in use and was sent to the respective payment locations. Support helps a lot and there are many nice people out there :) Fell in love with all those supporters doing stuff without that much of a great payment but you dont feel they're mad or so and try to be motivated. tl;dr Write a ticket, wait some hours. You will get served. If not - Sue them. Simply as that. (Just kidding, I love you all)
  13. Dragon hearts Pohwaran 4/6

    There is no Dragon Blood in 4 man. Only in 6 man with Naryu Coins.
  14. Costumes should be account wide.

    Wont be account-wide. BUT you'll be able to send a costume to another character in the future. Just need to buy stuff in the cash shop to do so. So they said. in a stream. I think it's a nice move.... NOT
  15. The struggle is real :'(

    Come on Come on, buy Premium for extra spin! But hurry! only few mins left! You're on 98/100 no? with my luck I would roll a 1 again and call it a day muahahaha.
  16. Show off your Character - Eure Screenshots!

    Das ist mein kleiner Scheißer
  17. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Uhm you know NCsoft gives a damn about your internet whining, right? Or am I wrong...
  18. Maintenance fail?

    Lag too stronk. Plz nerf
  19. Destroyer

    Spin to win! Im Lager wo Fraktionen campen macht es nicht nur höllisch Spaß, sondern man bekommt seine daily one-shot. Schneller gehts nicht. Geht als summoner auch locker, seine 10 nimmt man damit immer mit in den Tod. Ich liebe es wenn Berserker ihre Rotas drehen. Klar die sterben dabei ab und an ist ja auch Kamikaze. Ändert aber nichts am Ergebnis.
  20. The real WHY summoner is OP

    I don't think summoner is OP, it is very strong and has a low learning curve. But the thing is when I see summoners in PVP most of them do the same mistakes, no proper use of smoke, dandelion, cat management and burst with sunflower. and almost all enemy summoners let me unconsious their cat. rly? Summs have 2 skills to avoid that... I bought many scrolls from store so I have different skills for all classes now and just switch. most summs just use their pve build and go, they don't do anything cause enemy will get distracted by the cat and thats why they get gold so easy. The only thing may bug you is the root cc and cats daze/knockback. And you face 2 enemies at once. And thats also the reason people will screw up at warlock first cause they dont know how to just ignore that damn add, dodge, evade and down the caster. I my opinion the strongest class is the Kung Fu Master (Strongest I said, not OP) I have a lot of problems with my FM on Cn server to get a good KFM. Could be my high ping but Im not whining. I say I need to learn more and that my skill sucks for good KFM. High ping or not.
  21. OMG OMG thank you so much for buying all the boxes. Soulstones and Evolve-Stones will go down in price and I thought it would not happen till next week with mushin and pvp zen beans. OMG I love you all.

    Just imagine you got 10 cash-shop costumes (that's nothing) and get this rng shit costume? Well you wanna wear it for sure and there will be another one and since then it will rotten in the wardrobe forever. Humankind has been greedy and selfish for decades. Don't see a problem here. For me it is like "hey look at me, I just bought 60 boxes" People will mass-buy it. And this is just the start for the devs to see the incomes. Embrace yourself P2ePeen is coming I have full poha /w cat and fine with that. BEST COSTUME EVAAAA
  23. Empathie bringt dir in dem Game nüscht. Hab ich oft genug mitbekommen... Das veränderte meine komplette Art in dem Game. Aktuell laufe ich auch wie ein Axtmörder durch die Gegend und suche Futter... Anfangs wenn ich 3 auf mich zulaufen sah dachte ich mir "ach lass ich mich halt killen", Quest kann ich später machen. Oder hab andere Questen sehen und bin weiter gegangen. Hab ich jedes Mal bereut, mir dann aber gesagt "Sind ja nicht alle so" bla bla bla 10er-Kill daily läuft bei mir auch nur noch mit 6er-Gruppe, in Massen reinspringen und nuken. Gerade wenn die 2 Bosse da sind. 10 sterben da eigentlich immer minimum ^^