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  1. Warlock is coming

    After months of practice Im prepared to kill some WL because they are something like my evil sister as FM. Or even CM if they wanna release them soon.
  2. Summoner Pet Grapple

    Go to Arena Lobby and do some sparring. Many things for FM are wrong. As for the describtion it's telling lies. And I am not crying. Many skills in description are wrong when it comes to afflict debuffs. Its different in actual fights. I am using the german version of the game but it's broken or false translated. And again for summoner, any defensive-malus and skill disables are not activated for the grapple from the cat, so you can use your tab escape. It's greyed out once the cat uses his scratch (Roughly 1,5 seconds). If you have reflexes like a statue you won't be able to get out.
  3. Summoner Pet Grapple

    The Pounce doesn't apply the effect right away, cat grabbles you first. And it doesn't add the defensive malus right away. It happens after a short time when the cat scratches you. Then you will see the debuff (Which can knock you down after 10 seconds for 1 or 2 free play times, if skilled properly) And yes it is bugged sometimes. Nothing we can do about it. EDIT On that screenshot the pounce was already over. If the cat start to scratch you are done, no escapes. After the scratch the cat will take off of you. Ive seen 8 seconds for the debuff thats 4 seconds after the grapple. (1 second left on knockdown) You need to tab-escape right at the start. Once the cat pin-scratches you it's over.
  4. Summoner Pet Grapple

    Works great for decoy
  5. Summoner Pet Grapple

    Im not maining a sum but cat don't need to cc you for Pin. If you use defensive skills the cat can pin you (Like mobs who use their shield to block)
  6. This is getting pretty serious

    Just report them for exploiting.
  7. Let's all stop pretending

    Above me was Sum with petal storm. - Disagree,thats not OP FM: unavoidable stun chains (with full combo) are a _little_ bit stong because it can kill you so easy once you blew up "specific" escapes skills <3 But this requires full knowledge for all classes and their skills
  8. New Costumes?

    *Haben will* Hab extra HM Münzen gehortet, bin vorbereitet. Hab mich heute schon gefreut wo die Meldung kam neue Items im Shop aber hab nichts gesehen. Ist die Rote Rosette schon drin? Bin ich blind oder trollt mich der Store schon wieder?
  9. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    Gratulations :) I havn't done that with my FM and tbh I don't bother. Im just on Awakened Profane now (Just hit 45) I will do it when I get to higher stages just to farm it (Like Poh 4 I can do now) But it is not easy. And for Summoner if you cannot do proper positioning you will end up laying on the floor. And you need to know how far you can get before the cat lose hate to dodge. Have to say I hate the use of sunflowers but I also know you cannot keep the bees dots up 100% of the time (yet) Too bad you cannot kick the cat into Alley Cat and do full dps instead of tanking with House Cat. (yet) I've seen 8 fails of sunflower which is very good compared to the number of shots were made. Very nice video, enjoyed it. :) I tried it once with my summoner but realized that I suck and rerolled FM :D
  10. Broken classes

    Fire Palm, Frost Palm(0/1), Glacial Beam(1/1), Fire Palm, Inferno, Frost Palm(1/2), Fire Palm, Impact --- Knockback-Stun(0/2), Fire Palm, Frost Palm(1/0), Impact --- Knockback-Stun(0/0), Frost Palm(0/1), Fire Palm, Fire Storm (Form2) --- Knockup-Airborne, Ring of Fire, Frost Palm (0/2), Aerial Phantom Grip, Bolt Dash(Knockup-Airborne), Fire Palm, Fuse, Frost Palm(1/0), Windstorm x3, Frost Palm(1/1), impact --- Knockback-Stun(0/1), Frost Palm(0/2), Fire Palm, Phantom Grip, Blazing Wall (Barbequeue Time), Drain, Frost Palm(1/0), Impact --- Knockback-Stun(0/0), Frost Palm(0/1), Fire Palm, Dragon Char (Knockback-Daze), Frost Palm(0/2), Fire Palm, Frost Palm(1/0), Fire Palm, Impact --- Knockback-Stun(0/0) REPEAT The ones in the () means (Frozen/Chill) Very basic combo.... Use it if you outplayed your enemy and he has no escapes. He cannot do anything other than die. It is long but it is done in few seconds. (two hits while stunned (or fire at least but then you loose a chill) must be timed or you cannot Knockup because stun is gone) Enemy must be at the wall so he cannot use SS
  11. How bad is the faction imbalance?

    Yeah I switched to Coelin because of that <3
  12. Actually buyers are destroying the game. Not the Botters. They are here for a reason. Just a business. No customers - no bots imho.
  13. Sorry I don't understand why they need to find solutions/processes first. Their routines cannot be THAT different from CN/TW where they fly, port and are non-targetable. (Not limited to bots) You can just stand there unable to attack and die slowly. Sure you can have a nice position to overlap (I don't even know if overlapping this is against ToS) and grab them (16m is the absolute maximum) but then they will port around the arena for 3 secs to reset the "in combat" and fly again. So you need to burn within 3 seconds 100-0 or keep them cced. If not they start to port again and fly. Usually I loose not because im bad but because of ping. Ive seen one on EU server. Pray to god this won't happen here. Bots are nothing compared to this. Hell I've seen assassins stealth 100% of the match using shuriken and such till you're dead or lost because lack of damage. Impact can't get them out, tried that many times. Reported some bots here but they are still in PvP. Same names, same stuff. And no, thats not a troll. I wish it is one...
  14. FAZIT an den SUPPORT !!!

    Ich hab neuerdings sogar in Arena diese Freezes. Nicht mehr schön ...als FM... so eine Sekunde+ macht was aus. Hab die freezes sogar wenn ich im Mushin Turm mal Kamera bewege oder wen anspreche. Ultra-Lags. WTF? hab zwar nur custom Lappy aber der macht auch seine 4K und max settings auf externen Monitor zwar nur noch 28-32fps aber hey, reicht. FFXIV max settings 1080p 105-121 fps, ARMA3 max settings 1080p ~69-86 fps je nachdem obs zu laden gibt^^. Wie alle sagen Rechner sind schuld. Nein, sind sie nicht. in der Beta waren die fps bisschen low für manche aber man hatte nie freezes oder so Kramzeug. Auch beim Release hatte ich sowas nicht außer nachmittags haufen spikes und ab und an DC`s weils da einfach zu viel war. Aber null Freezes. Die sind neu
  15. In Poh24 kann man mobs gut farmen und die geben immer gut exp. Für mich am besten beim Start rechts halten wo es zur Köchin geht da durchlaufen und außerhalb vom Schiff den Drachenstrom nehmen (eine Etage höher) oder bei poharan oben den roten drachenstrom nutzen und dann per windschreiten zum gelben Drachenstrom dort gleiten. Da oben sind diese großen Viecher mit dem Hammer die kann man gut zusammenziehen und es sind da 3 minibosse wo man seinen Critbonus aufrecht halten kann. Und die spawnen relativ schnell. Ist nen Grind aber lohnt sich oder machst 3v3 PvP und 1v1 dailies gibt auch gut exp plus dailies in poh24,6/4 und BSH24,6/4 +Mushin sollten eigentlich 33%+ ausmachen bei HM1 zu HM2. 1-2=750.000 EXP ca 3 Tage 2-3=900.000 EXP ca 4 Tage 3-4=1.000.000 EXP ca 4 Tage 4-5=1.138.000 EXP ca 4 Tage Also eig ab 2 immer nur 100K Steigerung. Geht eigentlich. Also 2 Wochen ca ohne harten grind. Wenn du zeit hast farm die Mobs ab. Gibt leute die machen das in 5 Tagen. Holy Moly Schade, dass die Suppe nichts bringt :(
  16. FM Broken in 3v3

    Nooo its not over the top dude, thats how we work Just compensate our defensive weakness. Also (fyi) FM's interfere while pinned with full left side skilled. (Defensive malus) and see the crit at instacast. Will be oneshot. THIS IS over the top. But no, not even then. Guess what? just teamplay. Kinda the same if 2 destros *cricket* you with ani cancel.
  17. HM Level bringen derzeit genau 11 Punkte (1 bei geradem Lvl, 2 bei ungerade) 45= 31 45 HM1= 36 45 HM2= 37 45 HM3= 39 45 HM4= 40 45 HM5= 42 ... Lvl 50 bringt Basis (HM5) dann 47 HM6= 48 HM7= 50 ... HM15= 62
  18. Arena Bots und Auswirkung auf Seelensteine

    An dem Video sieht man neben dem offensichtlichem vor allem eines ganz gut: Sonnenblume ist der größte Mist im Pvp. Die Trefferquote ist grad mal 50% 36/18 dabei war die Fixierung Lucky beim Dornengestrüpp/Root, Sonst fast nur fails und das bei den non ports.. Achso entfern das Video pls der Name ist sogar ne Internetseite wo man den Mist kaufen kann.... Am besten mach ein Ticket auf. Btw. die Leutchens gibts auf anderen Servern auch ^^ Naja wers braucht. Zeigt mir eher was für kleine Würstchen das sind <3
  19. Level 50?

    Maybe they will nerf that house/alleycat exploit in a year or so. If it ends like "Greyed out function" because idiots I would be so pissed because House/Alleycat is soooo good for PvP I don't think the iframe cc from the cat is an exploit or bug, that's just timing (I know what you mean) Its different from mobs since the pet is a part of the summoner, not just a group-member. They synergize Problem is just by telling you won't post it here doesnt stop people from investigating after they found out there is any bug they wanna find out how to use them. But ok... I won't post it either. Tl;dr Im not good at summoner and wanna ask how the HM skills work at lvl 50. Because I hate sunflower I wanna know how Rosethorn F1T5 (Spiral) with Seed Shroud F1T5 (Yeti4) buffs the rumblebees F2 and F3? If I land a seed counter followed by a crit Rosethorn (which isnt an issue) it will both refresh CD from Rumblebees and make it instant. So basically its possible to keep up the rumblebees (F2-dots) 100% of the PvP match. Am I right? Or am I wrong.
  20. I want a big badass looking male Gon for my Warlock since Im only using male Gons or female Lyns. Too bad I can't wow, I have to go for a Lyn again. Holy Moly
  21. Level 50?

    Good thing at lvl 50 summoners will finally understand why Sunflower is a PvE thing. Much more strategical skillsets. Not just spam to win. No more faceroll
  22. Yep, petal storm (resists all projectile attacks, gets 10% life back and heals 2% per hit, can deflect all stuns) Lasts 10 seconds, cat resummon takes 5 seconds If you are a Summoner use your cat (if available) to interrupt. If no cat use Sunflower. Yes I hate sunflower because its useless as shit. Or Thorn Strike or the roots whatever helps ^^. If you're FM use either phantom grip or Ring of fire/Ice coil, impact, meteor shower, Dragon Whorl, Dragon Char (Daze). Isi € ok I should not do something else while answering to anything XD
  23. Free Plat From Destroyer bots.

    My destroyer bots doing the same thing over and over again. Jump on me I EV-freeze me then he uses wrath and I go tab ice for his following ani cancel spam with the kick in between or red "Spin To Win". Tab again to knockback him and just doing my stunlock till he's dead. Bots obviously have no escapes. Don't wanna name and shame (Not even bots) but the fsggs....... something is a pretty good bot. (Full name is longer) Funny thing is I've heard summoners loosing to this bot. So that bot pretty much deserves the gold ranking for the "Rat-Hunt" imho.
  24. Sonnenbrille GG ?

    Was regt ihr euch jetzt auf? Das hat in den letzten 3 Jahren niemanden interessiert. Für mich war das nur eine "entsprechende" Antwort auf die Sonnenbrille, ganz ohne irgendwelche Hintergedanken oder Animierungen. Wenn ich jetzt schreibe wie man auf Destroyer Ani-cancel ect. reagiert, regen sie sich dann auch auf? Blendgranaten kann man außerdem i-framen da braucht man nichts umstellen. Meine Güte lest ein Buch
  25. Ist "Verwüsten" ein toter Skill?

    Probier das mal gegen Beschwörer im PVP ice und hinter ihm damit er sein SS nimmt, Katze schnappen, Summ stunnen und Katze in Ruhe schlafen schicken. Ooder noch besser im Tag Summ einwechseln, umstunnen, pinnen und gg :) Mit Berserker oder BM im Team machts dann noch mal so viel Spaß. Dazu alle AOE in 2 Sekunden geht da gut Schaden zu machen