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  1. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    But she has a large gun? It's more like a cultural thing. How people act and "play the dominant part". You can see flat-chested girls with very short hair acting like a boy or doing stuff you won't expect from a girl. This is what we germans call a "Kampflesbe"
  2. "modifications" maybe?
  3. Really NCSoft?

    How the hell is it possible for bots to reach that level undetected?
  4. Need FPS instability fix ASAP

    Seems that only happens to people with NVIDIA :( I bought a new PC (Yes Im stupid) with AMD GPU and no problems. Dont know. Could also be GameGuard. Many people saying this. But we had no issues at release with GameGuard on. First report was on february 28th. Some screen freeze. And then after Mushin update and latest reports at unchained on march 2nd. Can only get better with new updates. Because there isnt much room in the other direction. Or maybe AMD users will be screwed next time :D
  5. Support gave me a laugh today

    I got the warlock one at the first try. With my Blade Master. BM weapon... meh Feel ya
  6. Lets hope for the next patch ^^ I installed it on another PC I have bought for this (cant believe I've really done that) With both AMD CPU and GPU. It works - finally. Rest in peace old PC :( People don't like NVIDIA these days, even tho they are the best imo Q_Q But it feels like playing with parkinson - literally
  7. Jinsoyun Perfect Preset

    Yeah the presets from rendermax are awesome. I used the Poharan one for my jin. So cute. Just need to get her to 45 asap and farm that poharan costumes <3
  8. So if I install Windows 10 it MAYBE gets better? Denied! I hate Win10 and just reinstalled everything from scratch. will install BNS on my 6 year old crappy lappy. No defrag and cleans for years. Hope It works!
  9. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Gear<Skill. I've played other games (Also ffxiv) for the people with the best Stone-exchange gear but dps was still shit. You know that I guess ^^ My FM hit 45 last week. Don't want to upgrade. True Profane now and infernal acc. Not even close to 400 AP Still with my AP+7 Diamond and a mix of poharan, mushin and Dokumo SS. 29K HP, Get aggro sometimes and I use skills with no aggro like the Inferno and icy ones ^^ If I would do Naryu with 450Ap I would do less damage I think ^^ My FM isnt very tanky and I would die all the time :D
  10. Bug abuser and leecher

    He has some nice makeup-skills XD
  11. Do you think NcSoft will remove Gameguard?

    The funny thing is that NCSoft had 5 years to evolve their detection modules. They need to find solutions against bots and cheaters here? I dont get it. If you ever played the korean version you know what I mean. And in Korea it's P2play Bots running free since launch. Sure they ban a few but it feels like if they ban 10 bots 100 new will come. btw there are no such laggs on the chinese version (atm). I have almost stable 90-102 fps. I think I will stay in Cn version even tho the 340ms ping with WTFast is so annoying compared to 30ms I have here without WTFast :(
  12. Tune down fm please and thanks

    No, don't do that please and thanks.
  13. This isnt funny. Im playing on low lvl to get is "smooth" yeah still some shutters. Holy crap. For the people from NCsoft: FPS shuttering is OP, please nerf. This is how Im playing at the moment. used alt+Enter to get it to fullscreen Dont klick if you don't wanna get eye-cancer.
  14. Hmm I tried to confirm this but maybe Im too slow. Game is crashing too fast after killing Gameguard... Anyone?
  15. All betas went fine for me. Game even worked fine at Release except some kinky lags because too many players and full servers. OK no problem. Mushin came out and I slightly had small screenfreezes in Arena sometimes. BSH patch also lags in open world, a little bit more laggy in Arena so I stopped PvP with my Fm. Even tho I did nothing and just moved my camera I had fps drops now and then. Or when I was talking to some npcs. In Arena I had lags when opponent uses skills like Q spin from destroyer I had a half second freeze or if they tag in 3v3. ect. People yelled at me for being bad because I always died :D Now at WL patch it became even worse for me. Unplayable. All settings on ultra low... Looks shit and still crappy. Holy shit? Dont say its Synapse, thats utter BS and you know it. Cant be the hardware. I also played other games where they had Gameguard on. No problem - BNS release also with GameGuard - no drops. Nothing except a few lags cause too many people bla bla bla. I dont know what the hell Im doing wrong. I started the game on a different PC at a friends house. And had the same problems. Maybe its only on Nvidia GPU? None of my friends use ATI or AMD :S so I cannot test it. Will open a ticket but I think I already know the answer I will get from them. Edit: I can play lag-free with about ~105fps on cn server. I have stopped to play there because of my ping. (And that shitty Pay2Win) Just restarted the launcher and played for 10 minutes now. Will play for some hours tomorrow but I doubt anything will change. I have asked some people there but none of them had significant errors or something like we have to face at the moment. Edit2: Ok just in this moment I have entered Poh24 here on EU server. I'm getting really paranoid. Im playing on lowest settings with a resolution of 320x200 in windowed mode and can barely see anything. game shows me ~82 fps, fraps shows me 249 fps. Dont even know which one is lying... Killed everything from Razer. Used strg+F to hide other people. But same issues when fighting trashmobs But not thaaaaat much this time. Only a few drops for some miliseconds. I probably should pause this game for a few months and hopefully things will change before I hurt myself. Edit3: Ok less issues when using windowed mode. Resolution is now 1280x720. All advanced settings on 3 except both shadow on 1. All boxes checked. Used LEAA on maximum (4) Mak Sobo just appeared. I soloed him till 80%. OK so far. 4 people joined.. Got a small drop for some ms at 38%. Poharan will spawn very soon. Wont use strg+F now. Edit 4: OK counted 27 people and 18 cats plus a warlock pet kicking her ass. FPS dropped to 8-11 with strg+F I got to around 15. Just normal lag feeling like at Blackwyrm but no freezes exceps 3 little downs at 66, 49 and 13% . Fraps shows me 188 fps... This shit tool is lying... Edit5: Will now go to 1600*900 advanced settings changed to 5. Killed some trash, had some small freezes. Edit6: just switched to CN server again and did some testing at poh. (Wow nobody there) Killed Slashmi real quick had everything max, fullscreen ect. Still fine there. But got a DC (WTFast is BS sometimes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tl;dr Anyone wants to try some settings in windowed mode to see if things getting better? Works for me at certain cases. Think they bugged something here. That would explain the post above.
  16. KFM or Summoner?

    KFM>Summoner. You will see why very soon. ^^ Summoners have a very dark future. They will need to improve a lot if they dont wanna lay on the ground in PvP. Similar to the KFM now. They have a high skill-usage and low incomes compared to SMN. I got a summoner to 45 but I will stick with my main FM and will lvl up a Blade Master when it comes to lvl50 and use BM as my secondary. No more Kittens.
  17. Sue them i guess. From what I've seen there will be alot of people you can do it together with. They can't rely on their ToS for everything for the "Banned by accident". They should work on their detection-modules instead. This isn't new... They had 3 years to evolve. Hopefully the lvl45 Gold-Bot I have reported some days ago wont shop up again. Otherwise I would be so pissed. I will look around for a little bit here and there and will probably take legal actions against the company.
  18. Warlock or summoner?

    WL is only a supporter for groups in raids, especially for their time warps to shorten CD times and some group CC, nothing more. Summoner has more use to a group than WL has with group-protection Seed shroud. And yeah. The cat. Nothing can top the cat. Cat can hold the aggro for all trash-pulls. Players are free to burn. As a WL you can buff so they die faster but same for your group ^^ There are different mechanics where the boss is doing mechanical AOE. Summoner can protect so the group to continue without being interupted. I love this because the group can fully ignore some mechanics. Edit... Ok changed something, we don't have that dungeon here atm...
  19. Don't know what to say. Since I can't verify provided informations as 100% correct there's always a risk of being trolled. Other than that I have to agree. Automated replies are bullshit. Hell I could create a script for NCsoft that will search for keywords to auto-reply depending on the situation. You already know their next reply because of its patterns. In the past 2,5 years I never got banned or suspended. I'm using WTFast Premium (Pay to ping), Razer Synapse, custom keybinds, real time Synchronize-tools for auto-backup, RAM-checker to auto-unload unused processes ect. No problems so far. But here in NA/EU they go crazy? Holy Moly
  20. Ich kram heute abend mal meinen Alten Lappy aus der hat nur nen Intel 2duo drin und irgendeine Billig 3XXX-ATI und 4GB Ram. Wenns mit dem besser läuft kauf ich mir nen 200€ PC ist dann dasselbe...
  21. Ich hab mich jetzt 2 Wochen aufgeregt wegen den blöden FPS-Einbrüchen und Mikrolaggs. Ist, wie einige schon geschrieben haben auf das Spiel zurück zu führen. Habe drei-Wege-SLI GTX 970 und I7 4930K zzgl. Samsung EVO und 16GB Kingston 2666er DDR4 Naja seitdem ich gerafft hab, wie ich bei BNS die GPU als Main schalten kann und nicht die onboard zur 1. karte zuschalte läufts bei mir :D Aber immernoch Aussetzer. Ganz egal welche Grafikeinstellungen ich nutze ob alles low oder alles auf Max spielt keine Rolle. CPU liegt bei 15-18%, GPU liegt so bei ~19-23%. Bin am Ende mit meinem Fachlatein... Wenn Du Dich dazu entschließt dir das System zu kaufen, kauf Dir am besten gleich noch ein Lotterie-Ticket...
  22. Neue Maus ?!

    Hab noch nie was von Razer gehört bis zur letzten Beta von BnS zwecks Zusammenarbeit, hab sie mir dann mal angeschaut und dann besorgt^^ Wie bei den meisten hier ist's auch bei mir die Blackwidow Chroma und die Naga Epic Chroma. Das interessanteste war für mich die Profileinstellung. Für jede Klasse andere Tastenbelegung und andere Farben ect. O_O Also das Daumenfeld ist absolut spitze. Habs getestet und bisschen an der Tastenbelegung gefeilscht und ani cancel fällt mir auch etwas leichter beim Destroyer. Lautloser Ani-cancel bis auf einige kleine Ausnahmen ^^ die 1ms für die sie werben kann ich zwar nicht prüfen aber im Vergleich zur vorherigenMaus ein deutlicher Unterschied. Maus läuft auf 3200dpi bzw zwischen 2100-5600 in Arena je nach Klasse^^ Hab mit dem Daumenfeld mal Airborne Combos mit dem FM getestet Tab auf 2, Z auf 3, 4 auf 6, 1 blieb auf 1. Fails gab es keine. Bekomme 3 Attacken im 1-Sekundenfenster raus, 2 sind ein Muss, also perfekt für mich und DPS erhöhung (~38ms Ping in Arena) Steuerung und das Finden der Tasten geht blind. Find ich schon hart hier zu lesen erst durch Werbung Kunden locken und dann für Synapse den ACC dicht zu machen.
  23. Bann mitten im PVP WTF EJ

    Wissen viele nicht, dass Makros nicht offiziell erlaubt sind. und alle die ne schöne Logi oder auch die nette epic Naga-Fraktion sich Combos als Makro speichern und dann den Tilt sehen. Ist für mich in dieselbe Kategorie "Bot" einzuordnen. Ist einfach nen unfairer automatisierter Vorteil gegenüber denen die keine Makros haben.
  24. servers off ? :S

    Im in