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  1. Combat Lag

    Check first your fps... It is easier and if you have decent fps its your ping that is making you have troubles. Remember that some skills requires a bit of time to cast or react after you alraedy casted another... Sometimes they do...
  2. Well, the very first time ive played character customization was not as advanced as now and quest and skills were very incomplete. But i was so tired of waiting for an oficial release that i couldnt resist to play. But what ive played was really awesome even with incredible lag and all. Sad thing is that the more i play a game, the more i get tired and bored of it. Not sure how it will impact playing the ofi...
  3. Assasisn and Summoners need a nerf

    Then *cricket* the heck out of here. Im pretty sure you will start cheating like in apb because you get beaten. Thats why you are so maddly mad. Shu shu, leave and dont come back never again.
  4. I heard from many people that black desert isnt that good. Just 10/10 graphics. Rip motorola/makiavelli apb baned for cheating.
  5. Then tell me better games than this one, motorola (ex apb cheater).
  6. Combat Lag

    Wait, are you saying lag (ping, latency) or fps?
  7. Do you mean about na cb or my very first time ive played bns?
  8. so hard to get? more than 100 essences and still not getting it... that makes no sense.
  9. cricket

    The english in gral.
  10. I have like 4-5 pings, which one is saying my actual ping?
  11. So..Support is useless and here is Why.

    You can ignore players. Yet you choose to read all the insults and play the victim, then come to the forums to complain about the automated reply. Good job dude.
  12. But someone has to say it: we are lack of thongs in here. The only decent dobok is the sting one. And i don't feel like using it full time... I expect you to release some interesting doboks soon, so i can buy them! Hope this is not taken bad...
  13. You shouldn't. Just put away your insecurities as i do with stuff i dont like or find disgusting (would like to point them but they already got deleted). I am not sure what do you mean with other sites... I hope is not what im thinking it is because i would like a moderator to remove your post then.
  14. The forums are terrible

    I need to confirm that im logging from the same location with a verify mail every time i sleep my pc -.- I know is to keep it safe but its a bit annoying.
  15. Not sure why this same dobok is looking better on jin and kun ;( (ctrl x should hide names too)
  16. Your angel

    Tired of these kind of people. They find disgusting everything. Stop bashing people and let them be happy for once... And yes, in gon males are way amusing.
  17. Voices.

    Sorry if this already has been sugested... Can you make optional to have the original koran voices, pretty please? There are people that really enjoy hearing them, like me.
  18. Voices.

    You have a good point there. There are some npc muted. Probably it was for the other languages as you said. It is a waste, really. It would be much better have them original than nothing. Couldnt say it better. But they still pretty fit. --- Another point to add is that we know the game from other places. Making so much effort traducing for us to repeat the story over and over is not that good idea.
  19. How to identify traps

    Thanks, i will take the apropiate care to do not fall and get the surprise.
  20. I dont think its that... it doesnt matter if they add all the outfits in a single move or they are pricy, the important thing is that you must like them. For my eyes most of them are boring. Cool of course, but boring.