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  1. mounts and pets - suggestion

    No, you don't have common sense. Hit and unlimited run is not fair in a fight. Why a range character should have such advantage? Like if assassin doesn't have it already.
  2. Ping Discussions

    The only thing i dont like about this game.
  3. Why so negative?

    Don't pay atention. They are resented because of those 5 years of wait. That happens when your life turns around a game.
  4. Hell, those are some huge bubbles.
  5. Something wrong with anatomy.

    I know how it works, thats why im asking for a change. The crotch/belly button doesn't change despite the "hight" slider. Thats the only problem, nothing else. Same character, same camera place. Just changed the slider from taller to medium to shorter. pd: i think that only moving the belly button its okay... maybe. And i think the breasts have the same issue lol. LOL, not exactly that. She should move depending the body size within the belly button ;p
  6. mounts and pets - suggestion

    LMAO no. This is not charity, this is sparta. How are you suposed to keep fighting a guy if he can run forever? thats absolutly nonsense. And again, ive been in pvp and a limit to sprint is really necesary. But someone like you will never understand.
  7. Something wrong with anatomy.

    I understand that, and is not. In more normal poses it is almost the same. I thought the same at first.
  8. Something wrong with anatomy.

    The default pose itself is so deform. Thanks to god they added more straight poses to customizate your character, it was almost imposible to deal with sizes and proportions.
  9. Something wrong with anatomy.

    And a crotch (not sure if that is the right word in english) slider...?? I use that as center of the body to create characters. I see characters with ostrich legs and i just lol.
  10. mounts and pets - suggestion

    You probably didnt play pvp that much. When a guy tries to run away sprinting and it ends, the other guy has more chance to catch him...
  11. Get your Closed Beta 5 key fast!

    I disable them... Also it says the same for these forums and ncsoft main page o-o "it can be readed by others"
  12. Get your Closed Beta 5 key fast!

    Cant open fb neither twitter from there. Also "insecure page".
  13. We need more doboks like that...
  14. Point of costumes? (just cosmetic?)

    Yeah, people is somehow wrong. Cosmetics allways make you play better. Placebo effect my friend. Thats why i requested some specific clothes ;p
  15. How to pvp with blademaster?

    Just click and you win. Bm has been allways the favourite class from both players and devs.
  16. Hats changing my hairstyle

    Can you teach me how can i see it without the hat please? *Silence*. Your argument about how it looks without hat is just as invalid as your comment "it looks awesome without it in gon".
  17. Hats changing my hairstyle

    No, it would look awful without the hat.
  18. Hats changing my hairstyle

    It is so simple as to take the hat off. Good luck. I didn't find a good hairstyle for my female gon and this look awesome: Before: After (after 250+/- essences) Deal with it bro.
  19. Servers to be wiped

    Sadly yes. And im pretty sure that you joined cbt knowing it. Under the current circumstances there is nothing that you/we can do. Just wait until the release and if you really enjoyed the game, it will take no effort to recover all you did ;)
  20. This is really a bad idea. All ranges unbalance the game.
  21. Why were pvp dailies nerfed?

    Happens in every mmorprt. Thats why i dont pvp until i feel like im ready...
  22. Why were pvp dailies nerfed?

    Not everyone likes pvp... specially the ones with high ping like me (160-220). So people able to pvp would have a huge advantage over those who dont really enjoy it and skip them.
  23. mounts and pets - suggestion

    Unlimited sprint can be a problem for pvp... its okay like it is right now.
  24. mounts and pets - suggestion

    Pets are okay. Mounts is a big NO in bns.
  25. Combat Lag

    That's very weird. Open your task manarter, resource monitor, red and check client. Down in tcp you will find your ping.