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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    I cant play.
  2. Unthrusted page.

    Everytime i try to log on fourms this happens.
  3. Unthrusted page.

    Thanks. Not sure since when firefox became so trashy, I wont use chrome neither ie.
  4. Unthrusted page.

    They will get ur credit card ;D MrFried... 11 post, logs to troll. I use only firefox. Is the first "oficial" page i see this happen. It didnt before, it just said "insecure conection" at the side of directions.
  5. Extremely offensive chat.

    Dude, you have an ignore button just in two clicks. Can you stop crying? You are making it worst by giving them so much atention.
  6. 15 keys ...

    to get the stalker axe and didnt get nothing. All other weapons class but not what i need. Does this happen only to f2p players???
  7. 15 keys ...

    LOL, happening to everyone. Good luck with your keys selling. bb
  8. 15 keys ...

    Thats not *cricket*ing rng. In other servers could miss a few keys but at least i get it. This is not rng. Ive got all the *cricket*ing weapons from other classes, repeated 2-3 times and not a single axe. I wont buy it from store ncsoft. Stop the greed already. 10 years on the making of this game and you do this.
  9. Error E02018

    So i have the cbt client and it wont update, giving me that error. Any help? Also firefox tells me the conection is insecure to log, or visit it.
  10. Error E02018

    Do you mean, RE install the game from 0??
  11. Pretty neat. He made 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats along with running 10 km every single day.
  12. Nah, subs no. I don't really care about the doboks droped. I rather buy what i like from shop and have a nice and smooth cash shop. Depend on how good or how much the doboks please me, i can be buying 1-2 per month. But with the problems that we were exposing and the answers to it, i wont even buy the founder pack. What i am not really sure is why doboks arent divided in top, bottoms etc... with colouring elements and body part sizes upgradeables (if you know what i mean). If you are going to make money from cosmetics, put effort and variety, right?
  13. Why isnt there an archer class...?

    No archer neither gunner, nothing kind style please. Is not funny to be chasing those characters.
  14. Blade and soul anime.

    I didnt like it. The ending is pretty nice
  15. My ping is around 170-220... what classes are playable around those values?? I expected having much less (140-170) ;(
  16. Blade And Soul "Pay to Win"?

    Mats- gems is a nono in cash shop (anything that burst players directly). Stick to doboks, dont *cricket*up.
  17. Playeable classes with high ping.

    Ive been using destro... the only problem so far is the anicancel. But heck, so bad i cant play this game well because of ping. Cant they make like a server extension* to reach more areas? Because i dont feel this game is worth playing with ping, too punishing. pd: trying summoner right now. Is not funny for me :(
  18. Pantyseeker and his loyal Pantystealer.
  19. Well, im kinda too visual and when something doesnt fit i feel uncomfortable. So i have to spill it. Well, my char is max size, max torso size and legs adjusted to be almost half and half torso and head/legs. The belly button is too low or the crouch is too high. The problem is that when you change your character size, the body doesnt morph with it, giving stuff like that. Doesn't the edit image look better? Is not something i seen in cbt if not long time ago. Probably no one will pay atention to this, but i couldnt hold it. I dont like deformitys ;p
  20. Something wrong with anatomy.

    Yeah, thats fine. More than the exagerated legs and arms the rest its okay.
  21. Something wrong with anatomy.

    I noticed that too... maybe bra has cotton to pump them up (would also like some extra slider for breasts)? ;p But ii think is not as worth as you go full slider for "hight". You can see the picture (worht more than thousand words, but not for some people it seems) that ive posted up there. Affects breasts, belly button and crotch. If you want to avoid that just use the default slider, that i wont. Don't i put enough effort to create a character and see those things wrong too?
  22. Something wrong with anatomy.

    what And yes, those conic bubs are hilarious. "Give me a hug", and you end with 2 holes in your chest lol.
  23. Something wrong with anatomy.

    Well, people is more concerned about hats than into something that affects anatomy directly ;(
  24. They've been very busy these 5 years... Who said is an unimportant part of the game? Thats hilarious. Ive also made a request and seems that no answer has been delivered... so i think we should just do this All people i know is complaining about this... i just took a decision, ill go f2p and buy a few cosmetics and nothing else.
  25. mounts and pets - suggestion

    Then again, did you pvp in open areas? I will just give you an example not with range if not with myself. Fighting 2 guys i stuned and tempted to run away, my endurance bar got to 0 and they chased me again.