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  1. You can pay to get more gold and win more bids in dungeons, for example. What these kids dont understand. They just go for "omg i pay to win pvp huehue". Is not only that, going faster in matter of gear and lvl makes you better than others. Indirectly makes you win matches.
  2. And meanwhile you are farming your gear, you get *cricket*ed in the ass in pvp because other dude already have everything. Get over it, "idiot". Someone told me this game will be 100% cosmetic shop, and it isnt.
  3. And thats why premium its okay. People protecting that premiums win more goldy are not talking about this. I did. A but no, is not p2w, is p2bb (pay to bid better, and take all the looty :) ) Thats why best games just stick to cosmetics.
  4. its ban man. I am banned too. Everyone is banned.
  5. Thats to prevent chat spam. Deal with it bro. Not sure why would you need to do pvp in such low lvl, you dont even have skills for it.
  6. -Put pvp dobok in low lvl -Get killed by higher lvls -blame the game on forums when is totally your fault -???? -Profit!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Not sure why bisera is an ofensive name. Oh, i just googled it... he should be banned.
  8. Hard to upgrade? this guy must be special.
  9. I pay for what is worth to me. For example: Not for shitty features to go faster and get stuff faster to win pvp matches against people who doesnt have farmed stuff. And you are the one who needs to learn what is p2w. Everything that is not cosmetic helps you to be better than others, in other word p2w. Thats why i love to pay cosmetics in dota 2. ps: damn shitty kids, thinking they know everything.
  10. The game was not created in america.
  11. But i am totally sure no good game will ever be hosted in this shit country i live (i am not from austalia).
  12. This is the big problem this game has. It is not made for people over the world to play it, it is just for local people.
  13. Yeah, i can craft if gold sellers dont get the rocks first. How can a private server like is the playbns can keep their servers and they aint even oficial. No spammers, good ping, no p2w stuff, sexy outfits etc???????????????????????? Oh my bad, is not p2w, is pay to go faster and be the very best first meanwhile you shit on everyone else xD If i wouldnt have 300ms on there, i would be playing the russian server. I even would pay gladly the doboks they have. Meanwhile here i am unhappy. pd: ah, and i dont have to farm 4 days almost all day a *cr
  14. I expected to have a lot of cool doboks to buy, I dont think i will spend a single dolar now. You dont spend on mats or whatever? Then the gold part its okay, I hope there is no gear now or in the near future you need to buy with gold.
  15. No directly, yes buying stuff to improve your character. Dont be fool please. 1998? are you a kid?
  16. Ok man you win. Getting things faster and gearing up while others are spending time in getting what you already got years ago doesnt make it p2w. Having more resources to buy what you need neither. I am just playing online games like 10 years ago just to fail against you. Heck you are so good.
  17. Do you mean this one: that only took me 4 days and i lost all my will to play this unfriendly game? Most people i know is 45 now, and i just finished to get the dobok i wanted. Gg ncsoft, gg.
  18. You go faster, you *cricket* the ones who go slower= p2w. I cant believe you even try to justify it. Oh wait, you are special. Sorry, i didnt know.
  19. Well, that happens when you are focused in the money more than into please your fellow gamers.
  20. There are many people, you cant wait for a gm to watch over everyone. Thats a lot of work, almost imposible. The only solution is to spam in every blade and soul media about spammers xD
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