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  1. Absolute high ping.

    I have 600ms and i am from SA... it is impossible to have that high ping. I checked my internet and other games and they are normal. up is bns and the other game is hosted in NA 14x ms...
  2. Absolute high ping.

    How long ago was it? Ive playing 2-3 days ago completly fine... Well i guess i am not able to play and there is no solution to it. Myabe ill try a private server since i cant play this, plus its censored. What a huge waste of time.
  3. Absolute high ping.

    I have no idea about routing but im pretty sure the problem is NOT my end. I don't have problems with other games and few days ago i was playing really fine (actually good dps r and l mbuttons with destro).
  4. Absolute high ping.

    Nothing, i had both games open at the same time. Checked my conection and download speed and they were just fine.
  5. Absolute high ping.

    Well, it went to 1k... how nice.
  6. Absolute high ping.

    I was playing fine the other day.
  7. This is pathetic, i need to kill someone but there is no one and they have more lvl than me and atack in group... how am i even suposed to get one? I dont have gold... Why would you add such pathetic feature? Why would you like to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off players in your game? They even lie in their lvl when you can press esc and check it... lvl 30 vs 35+ how am i even suposed to win this piece of shit?
  8. Serpent calling bell...

    How am i suposed to know that? Someone is a person, a player not a mob... Isnt deva essences sold by 1 bronze? Ty for info.
  9. Serpent calling bell...

    "can be found by defeating someone..."
  10. BNS LOW FPS problems

    Deactivate vsync.
  11. Download speed.

    Is absolutly slow. i have 6mb conection and it is downloading 100/300kbps. Is there any torrent or something because this is too slow. It slows my conection a lot, its imposible to even post...
  12. Download speed.

    I have checked how to download it, because this way its imposible... 6 + hours and 50% Oh well it doesnt work gg.
  13. There is a simple solution: play other game. I dont know how they release a game in which low ping everything to the world. There should be multi servers, but then again, the pop is an issue?
  14. Why was my thread locked?

    lol my thread about the gold farmer spaming my chat got deleted. I just wanted to know how to delete some spammers from my block list... gg im done with this shit already.
  15. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    My block list is full, how do i manage it????? i need to delete a few so i can add him...
  16. Neck seam?

    I dont remember it...
  17. Poharan kawaii desu~~ >///<

    Wow everyone so obsessed with this :s At least they have somethin they like.
  18. Banned for being AFK?

    Toda i will try the afk dancing. If i get banned i will come back and tell you. I dont really believe all this.
  19. Spanish Forum plz

    Is not about how many speak spanish, is that they never cared about spanish people. We are like brown monkeys for them.
  20. Female Gon Costumes - Bad Designs

    Because that would be nudisto beach.
  21. Female Gon Costumes - Bad Designs

    Which ones? For me they have too much clothes.
  22. Show off your characters!!

    That should be the default size. Or the minimum...
  23. OK it's enough!!!

    Are those mouses that come with macros?