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    Cos they don't care and never will. P.S. The cat that was in the profile pic before was better than this lifeless doll stare.
  2. No clue why people do gambling. One thing is calculated risk via cost/benefit, like when people actually invest in something and RNG boxes. I've never done them and never will. That's the reason I haven't spent a single dime since pre-order time back in 2015. That and the fact that any game that expects you to spend more than $10-$15 a month to acquire all the content (costumes, etc) pushed for that month is an example of rubbish capitalist practice I want nothing to do with. It's better to spend your $10-$15 a month and get the full experience than these watered down ports. P2W? Well, All you have to do is learn to have fun with what you have. Just because there are things in the game it doesn't mean you're gonna get it all. There are millions of girls/boys in the planet, are you gonna get personal with everyone?
  3. Tormented Axe icon

    The icon for the Tormented Axe is incorrect. It shows where it should show
  4. Does the NCSoft staff listen?

    If you're taking suggestions on this thread then here's one. Have all keybinding (and perhaps others too) configurations persistent across all the characters. I know they're in a file on our computers but they are independent for each character, which is the wrong way to do it in my opinion, at least of a good chunk of things, like autorun. I always change it to ` instead of NumLock.
  5. Does the NCSoft staff listen?

    Yes, this go freaking ingame. I think you could use more people to do that job, there are too many. you need someone with a screen 100% all of the time on bamboo village on all channels, so... that's 5 channels times 20 servers. 100 screens on at all times.... OR, you can read the usernames of people in bamboo village across ALL channels and ALL servers from a command prompt type of thing/dialog box and kill the bots at the source. Besides from that, there ARE path patterns they follow and they never get out of them. Again, I want a job banning bots.
  6. Does the NCSoft staff listen?

    I seriously wonder if it would be too much for a multi million dollar company to hire a couple of people to go around all maps across all servers all day and run into the bots, attempt communication or detect path patters and AUTO BAN THEM. Seriously, is it THAT difficult? I'd be more than happy to apply to this position which I believe BnS REALLY NEEDS. I'm serious, I could very much use a stay-at-home job. You can message me where to apply too.
  7. Rich Quartz Locations and spown time

    What about Viridian Coast Rich Quartz? I found one for the very first time EVER tonight, I didn't know they existed. Is there a Water version of the Rich Quartz?
  8. I feel a warlock invasion coming!

    WRONG I wish I knew how to multibox or I had a machine capable of doing it. But now, shitty game won't let me.
  9. I feel a warlock invasion coming!

    What's wrong with multi-boxers?
  10. Adding character slot, in character lobby..BUG??

    LOL This is Bad Personally I maxed character slots at early start. I wouldn't know if it still giving ppl this problem.
  11. Soul Shield Guide Color

  12. Soul Shield types' names

    Shameless bump
  13. Soul Shield Guide Color

    Shameless bump
  14. Picture of Scarlet Shade

    Are these screenshots from the game?
  15. Gifting Premium

    Doesn't he need to apply the code? I know it worked rather easily in closed beta, but that was closed beta.