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  1. Sorry, but it's not like BDO. We are already one major update behind btw (act 8 and etc.)
  2. Gunner is live on the test server, will be live on the 14th on korean servers and the rest of the world just wait with no dates. http://imgur.com/a/4mrh5
  3. The korean website gave a date for the gunner : 14th june 2017 http://bns.plaync.com/event/independent/p2017/170524_teaser/index Nothing have been announced yet by NCWest, and I'm unable to find anything on other regions (can't read thoses asian caracters...) but it's said that all region will get the gunner the same date. Will we get it in the same time than asia or not? Thoughts?
  4. The video shown is a boss where you can actually see the player fall on his knees when got hit. If it would have been the gunner update, you would have seen something like this
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