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  1. As the title says, I am currently looking to join an english PvP oriented clan. I'm currently crimson but can switch to cerulian no problem. Reply here, message me or whisper/mail me in-game (same name : xenal). For the ones who care : https://bnstree.com/character/na/xenal
  2. Gunner NA/EU release Date???

    Sorry, but it's not like BDO. We are already one major update behind btw (act 8 and etc.)
  3. Gunner NA/EU release Date???

    Gunner is live on the test server, will be live on the 14th on korean servers and the rest of the world just wait with no dates. http://imgur.com/a/4mrh5
  4. The korean website gave a date for the gunner : 14th june 2017 http://bns.plaync.com/event/independent/p2017/170524_teaser/index Nothing have been announced yet by NCWest, and I'm unable to find anything on other regions (can't read thoses asian caracters...) but it's said that all region will get the gunner the same date. Will we get it in the same time than asia or not? Thoughts?
  5. Gunner Release on April 12?

    The video shown is a boss where you can actually see the player fall on his knees when got hit. If it would have been the gunner update, you would have seen something like this
  6. Like it says in the title, my fps randomly drop by half for no reasons at all, until I close the game and come back. It can occur mutiple time, so I can drop to 15, then 10 then I never passed it. The time of it occuring is random, often happen in arena. No this is not my graphic card glitching, no this is not due to high graphics in certain area. Being an assassin at 30 fps make pvp impossible.
  7. Travel time stuns

    jumps animations are kidna long, and most of them can be canceled by the ennemis. That why all games that have good target jumps, does have a travel time stun (stunning the target for the duration of the animation). SO WHY NOT HERE&?!"?/%"674RQ736432
  8. Requirement Missing Error

    You are doing nothing wrong, but you have to do something. Let's try a few things first. Change the comptability of "Blade and Soul CBT" shortcut to your windows version and try. (You need to close the launcher for that)Uninstall the C ++ redistributable 2005 (usually 2 of them) and try again. (Reboot will be needed after)You can also find a solution here, just search for the Error "A requirement for Blade and Soul Instalation failed": https://forums.blade...y/#entry1444586 Let me know the results.
  9. The game does not start

    A forum is a fixed text, and not a dymatic text. It would be possible by adding some coding, but it's kinda useless. The other possibility is to do it on the main page, but it is not reserved to this purpose. To conclude : learn to read.
  10. How to install the BnS Client on a different drive: 1. There is an option to change the directory of the client in the installer file, if you missed it, deinstall the client+Launcher and try again or deinstall the Client and follow the steps below. 2. Go to "Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher" 3. Open NCLauncher.ini with notepad 4. Go to "InstallFilePath=" and change it to the drive you want it to be. If none of these steps worked go to step 5. http://imgur.com/4cdey5K Source : https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/142517-guide-errors-installing-game-crash-delay/
  11. Error E03001

    Celurian is actually right. After installing the launcher, you are supposed to have a shortcut on your desktop. Click on it to launch the game. I don't know how to post images, so here is a link...
  12. Still getting error E02018

    Have you looked at the error guide from Ren36? Here is a full copy-paste from the e02018 from his thread : 1. This error happens while installing/patching the game client. 2. "Just" need to hit "confirm" on the pop-up box and then start your update over and over again *Side-Effect: Endurance goes up by 1 3. Other solution: http://pohwaran.com/error-e02018/ Other Solution: 4. Navigate to your BnS Folder. Usually under C: // D:\\Program Files (x86) 5. Right click on it and go to "properties" 6. Open the "security tab" 7. Select your User and click edit 8. A new window will open. Now select your User again and tick the "full control" & "special permissions" option. 9. Click OK in both windows and wait the changes have been applied 10. Now try to open the launcher again. Other Solution: 11. You can try to change your DNS-Server manually. Good choices are Google´s IPV4: IPV6: 2001:4860:4860::88888.8.4.4 2001:4860:4860::8844or Level 3 DNS *How to change DNS-Server manually https://www.opennicp...s-in-windows-7/ Other Solution: 12. Go to Solution for launcher closing after login Solution for launcher closing after login: https://forums.blade...xception-error/ Full thread : https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/142517-guide-errors-installing-game-crash-delay/ Also, you said that you reinstalled c++ redistribuable. Have you tried to completly remove them (2005 version only). It's a good idea to also update your window (windows updater).
  13. The game does not start

    It's because the CBT isn't launched yet. It will start at 6:00 UTC (+0)
  14. J'ai posté sur ton post en anglais, j'avais vu ton nom français, mais je n'avais pas vu ce post-ci. Voici la traduction ;) : Si tu as utilisé le téléchargeur à partir du message électronique envoyé par NCSOFT après l'achat, il est fort probable que tu es des problèmes. Dans ce cas, désinstalle tout (BnS CBT et Game Launcher) via le désinstallateur de microsoft et réinstalle-le avec celui-ci (il a le même nom, mais ce n'est pas le même). Tu as dit que tu as "réinstaller mes redistribuable C++", essaye de les désinstaller au complet et de redémarrer l'ordinateur. Mettre à jour la version de Windows (Windows Updates)(ça veut pas dire de passer à w10) aide également à certaines erreures imprévues. Edit : je passe la note que tous les problèmes et probablement toutes les solutions ce trouvent sur un thread en anglais. Si jamais vous avez un problème, la première chose à faire est de le consulter ici.
  15. You can try Ren version first, it look way more accurate than what I'm about to type... I have the feeling that the game directory can be changed in the settings according to this screenshot, but the client ended in the same directory than the BnS CBT installer (not the launcher). So i guess that you can play with this a little bit. Edit : Ty to let me know, I'll sleep less stupid now