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  1. I don't think they will ban you only cause you play from Russia as long as you don't break any ToS etc. you should be just fine. But to be 100% sure maybe you should ask one of them on Twitter or write to support. Good luck
  2. Open your inventory -> Dragon Express icon on the bottom of it -> 6th tab in it (3rd from the end)-> scroll down a bit and you have some of pinchy's items
  3. Gold for non cosmetic items, and fabrics and high quality fabrics for costumes.
  4. um pristine oil changes ur weapon from baleful to seraph and other way around.... you have to select which upgrade u want to do. one of them will be stage 10 (whatever item u have bale or seraph) u must have selected option to change to other type, thats why it asked for pristine oil ~
  5. It's not a list of which dung gets what LOL. It's just a list of all possible items in the merchant of wonders in any of the dungeons listed. Plus u get standard trash among these items. Like in trove.
  6. You left the game in 2015 and you still care? Also this is EU/NA server forums, wasn't game up from 2016 in our region? ;)
  7. Just sell the gold in bigger bulk. Sold multiple 500g bulks within few hours of posting without any problem.
  8. @yohannbiimu well when you want to join MSP, you have few choices. 1. You watch your region chat /z in Zaiwei. 2. You watch you faction chat /f. 3. (Not sure if people are still recruiting with this method) Press F7 -> Silverfrost Mountains ->MSP -> APPLY if there is a listing posted. When you see someone is recruiting on /z or /f all you have to do is right click their name in chat and Apply to Party. That's it pretty much ~ good luck
  9. Ultimate on a pet skin means only changed look + glow. Ultimate on a pet aura means better stats. So this is only a pet skin you add onto your pet aura, therefore it only changes the look not the stats.
  10. As someone who decided to cancel my monthly subscription and to not give even one more penny to this company, I totally agree it's another stupid decision. Just confirms my decision to not support them anymore. They could have easily added items for 0 or added them in HM Coin tab. But no they want to MAKE people charge, if every player will charge 400ncoins (lowest amount) cause they don't want to miss anything and maximise the event, NCWest will make a lot of money. So no it's not ''only'' £4. Also in my opinion £4 is way too much anyway to give them for mind games they play with people ;)
  11. Hope you and every other NOOB who does that in 6v6 atm gets perma banned. I'm sick of losing 6v6 matches to idiots who join and leave, 3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing ppl left my match right now. Really no other words but losers who deserve perma ban.
  12. The DC is changing after maintenance, it will require only 3 finished quests and will have different dungs in it. So we won't be able to check in the ''Tomorrow'' tab before maintenance as it won't be the same anymore after we log in.
  13. Well as someone who HATES buying stuff from other people, I welcome the evolved stones decrease. A lot easier for me to farm 10 evolved than 25. Rest items is easy enough to farm or to craft(sts).
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