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  1. Game dying

    Started during closed beta and played for a year 2016-2017. Quit for a year 2017-2018. Came back and played for a year 2018-2019. And, I'm on my last leg. Going grind til end of this current event and move on to a new mmo or something. There absolutely no endgame content and the sharp decline in the community make it less enjoyable. 3rd spec for other classes is not "content". Pretty much for the next 1 year, all major patches are just going be 3rd spec for all other classes and maybe 1-2 random grindfest dungeon. An as an added note to my previous BnSBuddy stats, I saw a record low of 1743 online user this past week. 2181 right now for the holiday weekend.
  2. Game dying

    Oh that good to know. My only question now is, is that total population from all region (KR, NA, EU, etc) ? If so, then it would not necessary reflect the U.S. population since it is still quite popular in KR and there is a noticeable decline on the U.S. side (at least that how I feel base) .
  3. Game dying

    Not true number but a good view of the trend since not everyone use bns buddy. Bns buddy online user 2018 Summer 4000-6000 2018/2019 Winter trove 3500 2019 Post fishing event 2500-2900 2019 Summer 2000-2300 And today right now 2196 online.
  4. Why is the Marketplace Still Not Fixed?

    You can click the Exact Match box before searching. It will search most of the item, not all.
  5. Freezing sins out of stealth

    Yeah, I tried playing around with the freeze too, but the long CD kinda throw it off. I believe the freeze is the area around you 2x3. I also sacrifice my tremor stun and spec into the pull to get them at one point. It did work at times, but I end up just respeccing the the stun again. Maybe when we get Pull from the Z button... What I do now is Flurry T2 (the iframe one) and Firestorm Kick stun 2sec on resist Flurry. In most my encounter, the Sin will stealth after the first blow, resist the 2nd and 3rd, get hit by the 4th or even resist at times. The kick is up so I aim in their shadow to stun them. It is a 2x8 range. Comet Strike 2x8 is useful too. I spec T4 for pvp so it instant cast. The other one is Iron Shoulder with 2x3 after countering their throw thingy. Harder to pull off if they don't come near you right away.
  6. Mobs.... MOBS.

    Pretty much what Noel say. You can also spec Comet Strike T2 for leveling up with instant cast when you use QQ/EE/SS or Flurry. T1 is for searing palm. Flurry Tier 2 gives you about 2 sec iframe and a bit heal. When you iframe with Flurry, your comet strike also instant cast. I mainly use this for survival mode. Mainly T1 for pure damage. 1 Point in Tremor for the Stun or go T2 which have AoE pull and give you 10sec of +20% crit damage. I also like Triple Kick T3. It have a 2x8 aoe stun kick for 2sec that you can use when resist with QQ/EE/SS or Flurry.
  7. Just confirm, seems to work on 24 only.
  8. Crit going down after each level up

    Yep, that normal. Lose like 1-2% per level until you upgrade to new gear.

    Same thing here. Server been either freeze lagging me or d/c every since patch day. It almost unplayable at times. And no, it is not a PC or internet connection issue. All my other games is fine.
  10. KFM Guide Needed

    You can check out this link. Oh and the bracelet I mention was the Siren Bracelet. Couldn't remember last night. The 24m blood shade harbor is in the same area. Require one Naryu coin to enter. Quest giver inside.
  11. KFM Guide Needed

    You can also run those 24man BsH dailies and use the blue Blood Shade Soul Shield and maybe get the purple ss from boxes. Should boost your hp to 30k+ and def and a bit crit. Doing poH and BsH 24 dailies should yield you like 4-7ish g a day so that could cover your upgrade cost. The 24man dungeon, you can dps and tag along at the boss since it is an "open field" so no pressure on you beside staying alive and such. Buy the blue bracelet off the market for like 10s since your slot is empty. The stats can be rng but you can buy it a couple time, unseal and get good dps/survival stats. Try to upgrade your weapon. It should be the one from the wheel + 5g moon stone + 3g fee or so.
  12. How to avoid Ninja Loot - 99%

    Though it have merit, but it's 2 side to a coin. One you can protect yourself by doing as mentioned. The other, Ninja looter can party up and become party leader all the time as well and solo are guarantee to get screw. Yep :(
  13. Blade & Soul In Virtual Machine?

    It should work. Just make sure you do a fresh download/install. Copy and Paste won't work.
  14. Mail restrictions

    This made me pretty speechless. Surely I would support the game at some point once I actually have more time to play like summer, but seeing how money hungry it is, it just disappointing.