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  1. Doom 'n' bloom

    what i meant is that as long as initial target is alive the aoe heal remains
  2. Doom 'n' bloom

    The heal always came from a single target as before, and it never was 30% i believe it says restore 20%
  3. What is the point?!

    you get a free run what do you complain about, and having more money is not stealing.
  4. F7 little overtuned?

    Yes this boss is problematic due to the ability when he kick you up in the air, thats pretty much a one shoot there, the problem i see is that there are no cats bars or warning for this boss, if i could see when he charges that attack then i would be able to counter it but as of now its hard to tell when he is going to do it, got him down to 20% today then he shoot me into the air and bam i am dead.
  5. PC not enough?

    Or just use a shortcut to hide the players and their animations, i doubt you will get 60fps with all the things going on unless you have a super puper computer.
  6. BDO testing is open for registration

    Ok let me be more specific, the game is poorly optimized, the graphics are only for those with high end machines on low settings it looks horrible, pve wise, it was ok but nothing special, i haven't tried any pvp so cant speak for that. One thing that makes me question this game is the fact they want us to pay meanwhile you can easily play on european server with english patch for free, so yeah i dont like this game that much, but thats just my opinion, if you like it, good, hope you enjoy it.
  7. Missing daily tomb of exile

    You need to grab the quest from the cental location in cinderlands, then the daily will become available, its called the lost company
  8. BDO testing is open for registration

    The game is crap, played it for about an hour and then deleted it.
  9. List of best soul shields per level?

    You will be 45 within hours, after that just get the epic dungeon shield for pve or moonwater for pvp.
  10. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    Honestly i wouldnt mind them putting it up up to 45, allow only chat in groups or clans.
  11. Support CLass?

    Summoner is a support class
  12. kick system ASAP

    I really want kick system to remove low levels that has no buisness in high level dungeons, example: last night was doing 36 epic dungeon when a lv 20 joined><
  13. List of daily quests and rewards?

    my best advice do the daily dungeon quests and world boss quests.
  14. 14x Locked Golden Deva Weapon Chest's later.

    got the blade in the irst chest, its called rng, know pips who got entire diva costume set from less then 15 chests meanwhile i had to farm 150, sooooo good luck cricket
  15. A problem with the bidding system.

    ran the place where the fire costume drops, we got it twice in 10 runs, i didn't want the thing but i kept betting till the guy got tired and just bet 3 golds, from both times everyone made something like 60 silver.