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    Yes please nerf Blade Master. It's stupid. Can't get near them without getting stun locked for 3/4 hp.
  2. Destroyer Spinning Solution

    It's half a joke. Destroyers are the easiest class to be cheap with which is why they are used by mindless gold spam farmers as bots by the thousands. It's not some secret or anything that can be defended. I have no trouble beating destroyers or anything. I just think that it would be funny and even be kinda fair if when they went into their invulnerable spins that their camera moved in circles really fast or their screen blured or something to make up for the stupid over powered unbalanced nature of the move. But yeah there is no point in having a serious conversation about anything in the salt mines, er wups I mean the forums it's all fun and games right? xD....right?....
  3. Destroyer Spinning Solution

    Yeaaa......I'm clearly joking but way to be a lil forum weenie and just post something snide for no apparent reason.
  4. Destroyer Spinning Solution

    Okay have you ever said to yourself " Those spinning guys with the axes have a HUGE unfair advantage being able to spin in circles and block everything blah blah blah" So my idea for this is to introduce a camera angle so that when a Destro goes into their spin move ,The player's camera who is using the destroyer spins with the motion of the toon, round and round at the same speed the destro is spinning . SO they can use the move and it will work the same but they will be disoriented and some might even get sick from doing it right there at their keyboards! So using it too much WILL have consequences! Problem solved. :D
  5. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Naming and shaming bots? Did you seriously just say that? This is good thread and a problem that needs to be addressed. You are clearly on some gold spammers pay roll. You need to stop making your petty threats to people and get on board with this. these gold spammers NEED to be named and shamed. Cause it's ridiculous and ruining this game.
  6. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Way to spit in the face of your player base and not do anything about this.
  7. Stop failing NCSoft..

    I reported a bot, they asked me for pics or video. I provided a video of a destroyer bot not only being a bot , but teleporting hundreds of feet in one second and breaking the laws of the game. How they can teleport is beyond my understanding. The GM got back to me and said thanks for your feedback, but we can't tell you what action will be taken due to privacy whatevers. 2 weeks later I see the same bot , Doing the same thing. :: sigh::
  8. Collective "What we want!" BnS post

    If you miss Tera and Second Life they didn't go anywhere :D
  9. I agree with this as well. Founders packs should apply to every character. At the very least the cosmetics . I realize this game is free to play and I appreciate that, I however do tend to spend more money when I don't feel nickel and dimed. This game is bad ass, has tons of potential for expansions, and the brilliant pvp alone will keep it going for years and make tons of money. Please don't get short sighted with your founders who are showing support up front. PS- And pls no RNG anything ever.....ever.....
  10. Roof Edge Issues/Hair Issue

    So several times I was trying to jump up close to the edge of a roof and it looked like I had plenty of height to make it , I would get on top of the roof's edge for a second and then be glitched back to the ground. I apologize if this has been reported I took a quick look and didn't see the like. Another thing I noticed was a lot of the hair styles bleed into the neck and shoulders. 12/15/15 Thanks a lot for all of your work BnS team. Love the game. Happy Holidays.
  11. Avoiding P2W

    I honestly don't mind paying something for a quality product. It's that money that's going towards better content such as expansions, game upgrades , etc. I haven't played the game yet and I'm really looking forward to it. Games that are too far down the path of f2p end up dying or being terrible. This one looks well worth every penny. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into this game and I would never expect them to just give it away for free, I wouldn't. That being said if I see that the updates are too few, and if it looks like my money is going to waste than I will lead the charge with you :) ... This was a rhetorical statement. Just an opinion. Please no angry nerd rage about not having a job etc. " If your good at something never do it for free..." - The Joker.