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  1. Player Housing Please

    It could be possible to perhaps add another cell onto or nearby some of the major settlements throughout B@S that is strictly for housing? Just a thought anyway.
  2. Player Housing Please

    YES I could not agree with this more. I would love to see some form of player housing eventually implemented in Blade@Soul. I do not expect it to happen right away though ofcourse, as right now main focus is on ensuring the game is up and running and will be stable during launch. Later down the road though when we are on good and stable footing player housing options would be nice. I feel that housing adds a whole new level of immersion to a game and allows one to get there creative juices flowing in the process of creating a dream home that personally reflects them as an individual.
  3. Hongmen Accessories.

    All of the Hongmoon stuff is good yes. Once you get it, reccomendation is to max those items out as soon as you can.
  4. Premium Points

    Because if you do ever decide to get a membership, the number of premium points you have determines what level premium user you are. Higher premium points mean Higher levels of premium membership and inturn better benefits to you as a premium member. The points will never magically dissapear either so they will be there whenever and if ever you do decide to go premium to give you an added boost.
  5. When are servers going down?

    So I have a question then...where exactly do you guys go to see the info. regarding whos stream is currently broadcasting and when. I am just aware of the main Blade@Soul stream because that is the one they advertise often. I did not see any notice of other developer streams being active though unless I just missed them..or am looking in the wrong area. Would be helpful to know where the advanced notices of them are posted too
  6. The start of the end of Poharan

    I moved to Hajoon and experience zero issues now whatsoever. No Que load time...in instantaniously and playing. My whole clan moved there from mushin and couldn't be happier...so that is another option as well.
  7. Log out players who are AFK

    Right now people are only sleeping on line and staying around for these extreme amounts of time BECAUSE of the horrific que if you are on Mushin or the EU equivalent (cant think of name atm). A couple weeks down the road once NCsoft figures out a better solution it will no longer be an issue. I have moved from mushin over to Hajoon and could not be happier with my lack of que screen. I personally hate it when a game logs you out after a certain amount of time. Sometimes I dont wanna bash enemy heads in and just want to take in the environment...or when I roleplay I can stand waiting 5 minutes for someone else to type a thought out response and then end up getting logged out..it is extremely annoying. It is even more annoying in a game I am paying money for. If FF XIV instituted an auto-logout period I would likely cancel my subscription because I view it as an immerson breaker. I could see this happening possibly for free players if the need is great enough once we go live, but do not do it to people who pay good money.
  8. Gold sellers.. Pay to win like aion again?

    I saw several Gold Spammers on Hajoon making a brickwall of text almost impossible to see the chat of any actual player. So, what I did was send them a support ticket with screenshots of said text wall and all those involved and within a couple of hours i received a response that it was being adressed and they were sorry that this had happened basically. 5 minutes later oh hey....no more text wall xD
  9. Show us your rig!

    Alright, so I know that my rig is nowhere near as good as most of these other rigs are...but my system manages to perform decently on blade and Soul as well as many other titles regardless. I am actually fairly new to Desktops and upto 2 months ago used a laptop as my primary computer, but I was able to buy this baby for 350$ and it has pretty much replaced my laptop for all gaming needs! If anyone has reccomendations as to what I can improve based on this though, the advice is always appreciated. System: Windows 7 Ultimate Motherboard: Biostar Tseries TH67+ 6.1 GPU: GeForce 9800 GT (bought a 750 gtx from amazon tho and will be arriving in a week) CPU: Intel i3-2120 RAM:16gb HDD: 2TB Power Supply: 750W
  10. shut down of server too early

    The servers actually shut down a little later than expected (almost 10 minutes by my calculation) wich was odd hehe, and the admins didn't leave a system message in chat before it went down like they normally would. But it was still fun dancing our feet off into oblivion >=D
  11. Hey everyone! I had a question, and pardon me if it has already been asked but I looked for a while on past posts but didn't see anything that quite answered my question. Once the game goes live are there going to be holiday events going on in-game like I notice alot of other MMO's do? Specific quests to obtain a rare holiday item...or are the holiday items all just going to be available in the Hongmoon Store and as daily prizes as they currently are in beta? I always find it neat when they insert a new NPC into the game that gives you a unique quest to do in order to obtain something you can only get at a certain time of the year. :)
  12. [Question] Holiday Events?

    Awesome, hehe that is great news. I was hoping such would be the case...and us just getting the outfits handed to us was because this is just CBT. Out of curiosity though, what will we be getting as daily rewards (if any) besides the holiday outfits then...or is daily rewards another CBT feature?
  13. Everything in this game runs on the NA/EU servers...EVERYTHING including primary storage, secondary storage, whatever other storage you can think of. If they are hitting the power button on the servers and wiping them clean that means all data on those servers will be gone...meaning that this would be completely impossible.
  14. Screenie~

    So am I... Rainbow Flower there! :D
  15. Had an awesome beta experience! Thank you NcSoft for all of the fun times...and after this CBT I look forward to seeing everyone at early release!
  16. Yeah, BnS is where it is at for me. I was gravely dissapointed with BDO after I got my beta key and loaded the game. To me character creation is one of the most important aspects of any game and it just didnt live up to it...instead relying on the same old stereotype that men must have perfectly chiseled hulk hogan abs and popeye arms. The world is beautiful, the music is lovely, and the atmosphere feels good overall but its just a killer for me that you cant be a non buff normal looking guy at all even when putting the sliders down to the minimum. Blade and Soul on the other hand doesnt adhere to such bullcrap, the gameplay is awesome, and yes while I really wish it was more like a sandbox in wich you could do anything you wanted in the end I will prefer this game because I can be my adorable Lyn. I think after CBT 5 finishes I may go back to FF XIV for a short bit, and play some BnS on a different server to ease my withdrawal systems haha...but yah once early release hits on the 15th I foresee many sleepless nights ahead of me. :D
  17. gloss/ oily skin slider

    The gloss can actually be very prevalent depending on your skin tone as well, I notice darker tones usually have the most glossy affect as opposed to lighter tones wich have the least gloss...plus yah the lighting is a big factor too. whatever you do tho make sure your head gloss is the same as your body gloss or otherwise ive noticed it can create a seam around the neck
  18. I think that the main thing to keep in mind here is that purchasing a founder pack isn't so much about the user getting shiny trinkets...but showing financial support to a title that you wish to succeed. Blade and Soul here in the west is going to be a completely free to play game, with no purchase at all necessary...meaning that wether the game succeeds or fails will depend almost entirely on the money that they make from the founders packs and those who sign up for the optional subscription fee later on. That being said however, tossing in a few shinies here and there does help them promote these packages by giving more incentive to there players to buy them besides just offering there support. I started out with the Initiates pack and a few days later I upgraded to disciple..and am now contemplating on going full master. If anything, I would have liked the initiate pack to have a small stipend of test Ncoin I suppose...as I was a little surprised that it didnt. Some Ncoin that initiate pack purchasers could spend only during the beta would help them have a better grasp about what they could purchase with real Ncoin later on upon official release, and help Ncsoft test there market further...seems like a win-win. :)
  19. Adding my support in on this as well...would be totally epic to have! It is things like this wich make a game feel like a true community! :D
  20. I really do hate when I see posts like this on a forum for a game once it releases in the west. When a developer see's these posts and they start getting frequent in number then it can result in a delayed release date while they "think over" certain aspects of the game wich really shouldn't be relevant at all. In short, yes the Lyn do look child-like (or in my opinion they do, but opinions vary) and there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with that. Seeing child characters in a game is in no way whatsoever a new thing, and there are many people who enjoy playing as such races because it can give them a sense of freedom in which they cannot have in the other races...and words cannot descibe how awesome it is to have an adorable non-threatening looking character, that in a hearbeat could slit an enemies throat! xD I personally will always play the younger race in any game I come across, heck in FF XIV I am a Lalafell. It really is all just a matter of personal preference. Some people may not like younger looking characters, wich is fine...everyone has there own preferences, and everyone is entitled to appear exactly how they would wish. To me character creation is one of (if not the most) important aspects in any game...because if you cannot relate to your character, then you cannot relate to who your character interacts with...and if you cannot relate to who your character is interacting with then the world you are in seems trivial, and like you are just in the game for the grind and not because you want to save the realm from some horrible evil and put yourself in the world in wich you are playing. Character creation is one of the things that drew me to blade and Soul to begin with...the profound levels as to wich you are able to customize your character are staggering to say the least...you really do have ultimate control of how you wish to portray yourself within this world. It troubles me when I see controversy over races in the forums of a game, especially when it is still in beta and not even "officially" released. We are all a part of a community here, and we all enjoy this game immensly. Each and every one of us has our own likes and dislikes, and it is my hope that everyone will ultimately be able to put differences aside and enjoy Blade and Soul for the amazing world that it truly is. :)
  21. The forums are terrible

    I wouldn't say that the forums are terrible...but while we are on the subject it would also be nice to be able to apply a profile pic directly from in-game screenshots. I figured support for this would have been a given, but to my surprise when I tried to change my profile pic to an in-game screenshot of my character no matter what I did it would not work. Can we please have this be a thing. :)
  22. This is my main character Rainbow Flower! I spent a good hour (atleast) in character creation on him. I am most likely going to use his settings once the official game releases as well :)
  23. Your angel

    As a irl gay male I do not find this outfit homophobic in the least, infact I thought it was awesome...and was one of the first things I used my test Ncoin to buy! One of the things that I love about Blade & Soul so far is the fact that (nearly) every outfit has a male option as well as the female one. I think the real issue here is the fact that seeing an outfit that looks this feminine on a male character is not common, so when such is encountered it can spark controversy. But I am absolutely fine with it...and I do not see myself taking it off anytime in the near future. xD
  24. [Read First] Closed Beta FAQ

    hey all! I am noticing something strange with the beta launcher. I just recently installed it and tried to launch, however when I get to the first screen a script error window pops up. I can get past the error window by clicking "yes" twice, and then it takes me into the main game window with the cinematic and music in the background. Anyone know what this is, or if it will pose an issue for me?