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  1. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    Please please please. Shameless bump here too. We NEED the option to bind how we want.
  2. Request: The option to turn off the screen shake on critical hits (turning off "Cinematic Skill Camera" does not include crits). While for some classes this does not have a large impact, for Force Masters it is a very common occurrence. Please save my aching head!
  3. (I looked for another thread on this topic but couldn't find one, so apologies if I missed it.) I already turned off the "Cinematic Skill Camera" but this does not help turn off the screen shake that occurs when a hit crits. Is there a way to do so? If not, could we please, please get the option added? Playing as a FM especially is making my head hurt, since it happens so often. Thanks for listening!
  4. Yeah, customization is pretty good! There are lots of options to make your character look different. I would still like to see the ears and tails be selected separately, though... As a side note, they are definitely supposed to look childlike, it's part of the design. And childlike is adorable in its own way. I think I tend more toward your side of trying to "cartoon" them more, or make them more animal like. But I don't think that's going to change at this point. At least they aren't sexualized. >_<
  5. Just adding my voice, agreed with OP! Items need to go to all new characters.
  6. I think it's a fair comparison between the two models, if only because that initial "profit" of GW2 is not enough to sustain the game long term. The base game is free now anyway. But perhaps a better comparison is Wildstar? In any case because BnS has already existed with a subscription model in other parts of the world, they are not trying to set up that initial profit push. They are trying to set up a sustainable F2P cash shop. My feedback is still valid for this purpose, I think. BnS will also initially profit off the numerous people pre-ordering and purchasing VIP access. Realistically, if one of us plays BnS a lot we will probably get VIP access at some point. That is an additional cost to consider when setting up a cash shop. As I understand it, they want to encourage the already dedicated players (VIP) to keep buying items, and encourage F2P players to make new purchases. Generally this means lots of small purchases. Currently I think the prices are high enough to make those small purchases seem like big ones. Just my personal gauge, of course, based on my income. YMMV. =)
  7. Kun=Yun. Kun was the name of the race in the rest of the world. They changed it to Yun for NA. Also, the slider for expanding the waist is my favorite thing, suddenly they start to look more real (and there is a slider for the hands too!). xD I'd enjoy a slider for the ear size. More customization is always better, imo.
  8. Yeah it is silly not to have some sort of shared storage. However this could also be achieved by having a skin "unlock" system (aka GW2 or such) so that you don't have to mess with actually transferring the costumes, they just are "owned" by the whole account.
  9. I agree with the OP, the prices are currently too much for me. If they applied to all characters, then I might buy them. I do tend to prefer smaller purchases, though - GW2 does it right, for me (costume prices $5-10, and unlock on all characters).