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    the second bug is very annoying too :(
  2. Hey guys I play this game for a long time (2 years, BnS RU, TW, JP) and I saw that the Blade Master and Blade Dancer have a bug that everytime you leaves from draw instance while combat, mostly on Sogun's Lament 6man or 4man and other dungeons, this is very annoying and this disrupts DPS. NC Soft need to know that bug and fix it soon!!! Thanks! On this video you can see on 6:10min I leaving off combat, I know not just me have this bug, its an in gaming bug!!! https://youtu.be/bgDhmt94bsU?t=371
  3. same problem here, I hope NC soft fix it early... ¬¬
  4. Lightning Draw -Volume 2

    Its bugged u cant buy yet
  5. I got it from BSH 4man yesterday, I did the main quest(need to do brightstones ruins, skyheaven and talk with an old man at tower) I bought the fan and when I try buy the book I can't cuz I need an achievement that doesnt exist! I remember when I played BnS Japan server I needed to do 10 hits on mysterious man, 10 on fisherman and 10 on yeti or poharan (I dont remember well) so after that you will unlock that skill... I want to know if is this a bug or they forgot to put it... if they forgot when will they update it??? Without that achievement that skill is useless.. I'm sure that achievement is not the same than the beans Lightning draw (You need 5k for buy it)
  6. Disconnect from the Server while in a loading screen

    I use SSD for play BNS and the loading is fine if I use BNS on HD the loading is few slower, but sometimes when I try to change character I got DC, but on CBT4 I didn't get this error.
  7. Hi, sometimes when I go to the arena or dungeon lobby I have this issue, When I found someone for to do 1x1 or 3x3 or when find 6 people for to do some dungeon the countdown stop on 0 second and nothing happen! but that's not happen every time but when happen I need to restart the game or my computer (not just me but I hear that more people got that issue) I have this issue on BNS NA Alpha, CBT 1, 2 and 3. I hope that issue can be fixed! Thank you!
  8. Could not connect to the update server. E01005 and E02009

    I know that. Next beta is Dec 11-14. But that error I got when the server was online like November 24-30... you got it?
  9. Could not connect to the update server. E01005 and E02009

    sorry, what you mean?
  10. That error me and my friends got on alpha, CBT 1,2,3. Only way for me to play is to use VPN (Hotspot Shield) but its take too much time cuz I need to put my password and verification code each time...(With VPN I don't have any problem) I have 15Mbps down/1Mbs up. I live in Brazil. My pc is fine, I can to play BNS JP/RU/TW without problems but NA I get that error :(
  11. Arena issues

    Blade and soul have balanced arena now. Your PVP gear you will to use on PVP OW.