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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Its the one you can buy for 10 cinderland shards from the merchant next to the lucky-wheel in Yeharas Mirage. you can also buy the "Dokumo Axe" from the auction house, its the same model.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Her torso and shoulder size/ width slider is maxed out too, shes buff !
  3. Popular Names

    wow there actually is, Koreaboo. Lord UrbanDictionary saved me
  4. Popular Names

    with the popularity of kpop, is there a name yet for korean weeaboos? I wanna make fun of them too.
  5. Feeling the hype for name reservation?

    weeb bait successful
  6. Feeling the hype for name reservation?

    luckily im no weeb so i dont care about all the anime names.
  7. Popular Names

    Saitama is gonna be popular...... and xXxPussySlayerxXx
  8. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    DOA Bayman (more buff because gon :P )
  9. Removing the pantyhose from the NA costume. How could you?

    The NA one is ok i guess, but the EU costume is so boring imo, just a black coat with some tribals thrown on. I never saw all the commision from EU but how could this be the best we could come up with?
  10. New Character Customization Options

    everybody getting their hopes up and being all hype, and then they realize they only added the 2 hairstyles showed so far (which both are meh :) ). Kappa Males have the extra beard options.
  11. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    Bored, release game pls :angry:
  12. lots of fapping to questionable hentai genres Kappa
  13. We need more hair styles

    both are kinda meh :unsure: