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  1. Join us in the Hunter Association clan. We are looking for new members to join us in our fun and social clan. We do dungeons together to avoid bid wars. Have you ever wanted an item in a dungeon, but you could never get it because someone else has deeper pockets? Well in this clan, we try to eliminate that problem. Everyone in the clan must have mutual trust and be willing to run dungeons with each other until items that a member or members want are acquired. We gather information about everything that is in Blade & Soul. We wish to become the source to go to for help on any topic about the game. Also, if you love the manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter, this is the clan for you! We welcome you! Leader: Killua Zöldyck Recruitment officer: Kure Requirements to join: be willing to work with others so that everyone is able to reach their goals.

    They are small because in the real world, Katana's are actually pretty short in comparison to other swords. There is however the Nodachi, which roughly translates to "very big sword", where as Katana is simply "sword". The Katana, historically was also usually used for self defense and not actually for war, where as the Nodachi was usually used on the battlefield. I don't have a source, this is off the top of my head.
  3. When I pass through one of the circle things between zones the sound (everything including music) just stops, but comes back after about 5 minutes. Not a computer problem because when I use something else that emits sounds, the noise is present. Also characters will occasionally auto run to the right when I try to use the dance emote.