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  1. welcome to the game !? - Just continue with the main quest. After a certain quest or hongmoon level ( sorry I don't remember) you will start to gain levels again. The main quest ( yellow markers ) will lead you to level 55 hongmoon level 6 - 8. - You will find a lot of good guides and examples on how to play your class on Youtube. - There's a button on the character selection screen to see the credits. - Again, Youtube is your best source for guides on what to do. For now, you should focus on finishing the main story quests. Those are the quest
  2. Hi, You can use the ALT+TAB keys to focus another window (the launcher window for example) and use the same keys again to put the focus back on the game client. This will lock the mouse to the screen the game is running on. I know it's just a workaround fix but it's faster than having to switch the game's display mode.
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