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  1. Gold Income feedback

    I don't think 10 silvers unseal charm is cheap, since I played BNS KR, CN, TW, unseal charm shouldn't be that much expensive. So far, each daily quest gives 7 to 10 silver except 4 advanced dungeon, and some of players do not have that much time to finish whole quest in Moonwater, hope they can decrease the price of unseal charm....
  2. About Kungfu Master fist dance BUG

    I got hit when I using fist dance, maybe flurry for NA. No idea what happened for my character.
  3. On the skill fist dance, tree 2, it said when using, resist damage and controling effect, it means that the character should be immuning during use. However, this doesn't work, Please work on this, this is supppppppper important for kungfu master in PVE. Also, /joke,/apploud and some of these instruction does't apply to its corresponding action.