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  1. Does the cat benefit from the summoners bopae stats? or does it just have stats based on skill points only?
  2. I thought this was down for everyone but apparently not. Anyways it was down for me all last weekend after countless attempts to open it. The message I kept getting was "Temporarily Unavailable" "We apologize for the inconvenience, Please try again later" . And it had a reset button that did nothing when clicked. This will seriously suck if it goes live like this. Please fix thx
  3. Quartz ?

    K thx, guess i,ll go back to the 1st region and look for some viridian quartz in the next cbt
  4. Quartz ?

    Is quartz gathered by a specific gathering profession or by anyone with a pickaxe? Can't find this answer anywhere.
  5. Marketplace not working during CBT4

    NA....i checked it numerous times each day and all i got was unavailable try again later
  6. It wouldn't work for me the entire weekend. Was it the same for everyone else? It was a bit of a pain because I wasn't able to buy the items necessary for upgrading a couple accessories.
  7. Gem question...

    awesome thx guys
  8. Gem question...

    When you upgrade your weapon, aka break through, do your socketed gems disappear?
  9. I wasn't able to do this over the weekend. Is there some toggle that allows it or is just not available?