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  1. Closing game with client error 4045

    Update: While the exceptions in the antivirus helped to reduce the errors what really solve the issue was delete the GameGuard folder as pointed by Ren article ( link above ).
  2. Marketplace items disappeared =/

    yep! there was just one entry of money from 1 sale and nothing about the other 7 items.
  3. Marketplace items disappeared =/

    Yesterday I reach the limit of 8 selling items, today I got the money of one sale and the 7 items remaining to sale disappeared.
  4. Closing game with client error 4045

    Nice set of information Ren, thanks a lot! After a few minutes of my first login on Closed Beta 5 I got the error 4045 again =/ I have set up exceptions on my antivirus to these files: \NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\AwesomiumProcess.exe\NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\GameGuard\GameMon.des\NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\GameGuard\GameMon64.des and since that I'm playing without errors! ( but I don't like this solution.. ) Thanks again, cya!
  5. Still getting error code 4049

    I think the problem it's the nprotect software, it's just too sensitive to another programs that read data on your computer like antivirus softwares... You can try config a exception in your antivirus to these files on the game installation folder: \NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\AwesomiumProcess.exe ( I think that this one it's responsible for the current 'web' marketplace =/ )\NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\GameGuard\GameMon.des\NCSOFT\BnS CBT\bin\GameGuard\GameMon64.des I don't like this solution but that did the trick for me.
  6. Closing game with client error 4045

    Thanks for the reply Bruce, I don't use Outlook and never installed it on my system =/
  7. I got disconnected some times at random places and times, the game close itself presenting the 'Blade and Soul' and 'NCSoft' ending screen and after a few seconds I got the message "...Shutting down game client ...error 4045...". ---------------------------------------------------------------- What I have done so far without success: 1 - Uninstall Malwarebytes software 2 - Uninstall Nvidia Geforce Experience 3 - Completely remove the windows 10 update software from startup ( I'm running windows 8.1 ) 4 - Reinstalled the game after the above 5 - Manually config my firewall to permit inbound and outbound connections to the process Awesomium v1.6.5 ( was blocked by default ) 6 - Remove all third party extensions/plugins from Chrome and Firefox The disconnects happens at random intervals, I've manage to run the game nine hours straight on closed beta 4, but the error still persists =/ You know what? It may be some beta stuff, I'm leaving that way until official launch, after that if still happen I gonna do a clean windows installation to try isolate and resolve this problem...