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  1. I do expect people to know how to iframe. He never told me he wa lagging either, so that can't be an excuse. i was able to iframe 8 cruxes even without hm block, with something like this handicap hm block, I just can't imagine a BM that still can't do it. That's why I said cake walk. He did actually died because I refused to stop at icephase. I'll tell you more detail into the story for SF, I could iframe all days, because the skills will just cycle cd by itself, I didn't need anyone to save me. with a party of 550+ AP, why the hell would you need to stop at
  2. This shouldn't be the thing you should worry about Our infamous NCsoft have reputation of terrible server stabilization prepare your *cricket* for the lag incoming
  3. First of all, don't get salty because people told you to get good. You are too sensitive. If you are bad, practice, get good. second of all I was making my point about him having 200 runs+ but still can't iframe 8 cruxes. 3rd of all, I have never once said anything about I'm prejudice, discriminate, or bias against high AP players. I clearly stated that those people that have done over 200+ runs and still can't iframe properly, AP means everything to them. Sorry, I have never been in a Naryu party that got wiped at Mino, so I cannot acknowledge something impossible.
  4. This is earth build on SF I talked about, its damage is nothing compare to KFM, the gcd is too long. this is not new, it's already there. The fast dps he did wasn't unicancel, it's kingfist burst.
  5. In pvp SF combo for melee is... Trash compare to KFM SF uni cancel is extremely slow. It has longer GCD SF cannot play offensively, has to play defensively all the time. SF uni cancel also require right punch to be crit, which is near impossible in arena. So unicancel is a cancer to pull off in Arena. When it comes to KFM stun combo, it can do twice or thrice amount of dmg a SF can do. for most melee they can launch the target in air instantly. Like 0.2 seconds animation time for KFM, and 0.4 seconds for BM. however when it comes to SF, launch skill animation tak
  6. There's something suspicious about his story. With 500+ AP? There's no way they get wiped at Mino. I got a solid proof i used to have 500 AP, and I was farming Naryu relics with my friend who was also a Soul Fighter a week ago. we duo it and killed it. even if they don't get Mino to ram the red wall, a party of 550+ including a legendary cannot, I repeat CANNOT get wiped.
  7. Damage output depends on AP. SF is a hybrid of KFM and fm what part of hybrid do you not understand? SF has a bit of both if you compare range with FM, FM is better if you compare melee with KFM, KFM is better. SF only offer the versatility of both. In other word, you have to use both melee AND range in both pve and pvp to able to bring out the unique and useful in of SF if you play SF for only single purpose of replacing KFM or FM, you are making a huge mistake.
  8. the other day I ran with a BM that has hongmoon block in yeti. Guess what, he can't do 8cruxes iframes. I told him to get good, if you are a BM 8 cruxes is a cake walk, stopping at ice phase is pointless. Dps all the way. I can iframe all cruxes with my BM, so can you. he get in his sarcasm self and said he's a noob. Then he shows me the achievement that he has done over 200s run of yeti. Ap isn't everything you say? let me correct you, for morons that has ran over 200 times and can't carry party in 8 cruxes phase. They absolutely do need more AP.
  9. So I'm wondering about this ALL Flawless Gems you get from Trove are account-bounded Why is the Flawless Peridot Gem from Mysterious Merchant isn't account-bounded?!? Can I file a ticket in Support to get it transfer? Is this allowed? Anyone tried it?
  10. What annoys me the most is that The name "sex slave" is taken.
  11. If you wanna quit the game just do it Why do you have to make a big deal out of it?
  12. This is an Asian MMO game where your ability and fighting style is uniquely depending on your taste. If I'm not guessed wrong, you have been moving from a traditional Holy Trinity style of game, aka Tank, Healer, Dps So I'm here to tell you that you don't need to select what useful for your party or solo because every class can be played solo and support at the same time. It's all depend on what you build on your skills. If you have strong gear, you can carry the rest of your team. If you're looking for an easy class, you can roll Summoner, this class pretty much do all jobs. It's a
  13. [picture removed by moderator] Who'd fall for this? Raise your hand.
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