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  1. The blade dancer in pvp is one of the most unfair classes to go against next to the summoner. Why you might ask? The blade dancers have a spinning parry/immunity ability that they can passively spam. Take the assassin or the kung fu master for example they have parries correct? Their parries have a fairly slow animation cast, do they not? You can usually tell when they're about to parry from a mile away since you can see an animation cast. The blade dancer has an instantaneous cast which is also an aoe spin that breaks stealth if you're an assassin and rendering any cc useless, on top of that if you get caught in his/her spin you get stunned and put into a combo the blade dancer can spam this move until they win it is unbelievable... Why does this class get an aoe parry/invulnerability. Such anti fun and game breaking in my opinion. i have faced this class some many times in pvp and the only time i beat them is if they''re new and don't spam that ability. If there was at least a cool down on the spin there would be counter play but there isn't and its instant... Now moving on to the summoner, the biggest problem facing this class in pvp is that as an assassin and honesty anyone with a gap closer, is the cat because he always blocks off the way to the summoner essentially forcing the player to kill the cat while the summoner beats on you senselessly. I really don't understand how this is a fun game mechanic his pet should have some spacing but he's lock to his *cricket*ing waist so anytime i cast an ability the cat body blocks it...then the cat just cc's you into a kung fu master down ability while the summoner takes away half your hp. This class is such a joke you can essentialy get carried by your pet and stand off and do nothing and watch... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADDRESS THESE BALANCE ISSUES. I honestly love this game so much but these classes are a joke in pvp so little counter play its unbelievable especially as an assassin anytime you get behind them stealth is broken because they have aoe stuns etc... Another minor issue is there are random lag spikes constantly i live in Na East so idk if its just the region or what