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  1. As someone who plays FFXIV during off times. #3 isn't as far fetched as you might think. There's more then enough horror stories floating around about random players being kicked when partied with a three player team made up of guildies or chat channel friends abusing the kick feature and active recruitment system to try and sneak their fourth friend in on the last boss for the rewards. I do agree though something has to be done about AFK'ers (had two today alone when I was doing Realm Rift and YES is it annoying and frustrating). I feel the MSPP route is best. Where yo have to dea
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing! BSH and maybe Naryu's Lab too! I have been enjoying the event dungeon and this year it feels like they got it closer to what I remember it was waaaaaaaay back in the day. Even back then as level 45 Poharan and Hae Mujin weren't exactly super difficult unless you were doing the HM versions of the places.
  3. Realistically if you're going just for the three set, you only have to buy slot 3 since slots 1 and 2 are not achievement locked and can be gotten via Grand Celestial Wings. Either way the MSPP route was always made to be the least efficient way to get the set, it was made to supplement Twilight Temple, not replace it. This especially holds taking into min maxing the roll and re-enforcment.
  4. I would adore having figurines and statues. I have seen things like wallscrolls and posters on Amazon, but I don't think those are official.
  5. Outfits are purely for cosmetic only. No outfits change any stats. I wonder though if your friend is confused on one thing. Most of our stats come from whatever soul shield we have equipped. However we have to be wearing some outfit for the soul shield stats to take effect. It doesn't matter what the outfit is, as long as an outfit is equipped.
  6. No official date yet, but a lot are speculating February to April time frame.
  7. I totally get wanting to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to upgrades and yes I'll admit the desire to wait for cost reductions is strong. Since yes we do know they will come sooner or later. However yeah it does create a bit of a vicious cycle in the player depending on how they are. I mean like...do you wait for the initial cost reduction, or do you wait for the cost reduction of the cost reduction since eventually cost reductions get later reductions as well. For me anyway near the end of an event cycle I know there will be a new event and maybe a new patch which ma
  8. There's no other currant purpose to them. Currant being the key word. Theirs an unwritten rule of sorts in this game. Always save everything because we never know what the future brings. What might be useless today might change later if the devs decide. We saw Evolved Stones going as near useless one day. Then came Sacred Oils and suddenly they're in demand. We saw Jewel Powder and Elemental Powder near useless one day. Then came the discounted Legendary Elements/Jewel patch to dragon express. We saw countless times where existing items were either phased ou
  9. That would also be a really great thing to have to add to additional goodies to be bought on the achievement, legendary/Koldrak and PVP vendors. Heck even the Cold Storage and MSPP vendors as well. Maybe even something to spend on all those Black Rose Feathers from Heavens Mandate too. OHHHHH!!! and and and Raven Feathers, Hive Queen Wings and Grand Celestial Wings too!
  10. Yeah I feel kinda the same way about mounts. I've been playing since launch and never really felt like I ever needed a mount to get from A to B faster then what I got from normal sprint. Like you said maybe if they came out with larger maps with more open world activities where sprint alone won't cut it I could see the need for mounts. In the games current open world state though I really don't see a need for them.
  11. Soul shield pieces aside they're also used for. Buying Aransu Primers. Buying the VT outfits on the same vendor. In upgrading the Aransu Necklace. Transmuting an octagonal Garnet. I think that's all. *Edit* Assuming if they follow the same path they did with Raven Feathers later on in the games future it might also be possible to exchange Hive Queen Wings and Solar Energy for Grand Celestial Wings in Dragon Express. When or even if that will happen I don't know.
  12. I totally support having housing, just maybe in a different way. In terms of the game and in terms of character. Heavens Reach for the most part is considered home. I don't know if its possible to do but since Heavens Reach is already an instance of sorts. I wonder if it would be possible to decorate it and customize it a little. Our characters being the new school master and all.
  13. Weither they are LFG or not I can't say for sure if they just hit LFP and hope for the best. I do however see advertisements for these places in cross server very very slim. I think the only shouts I seen were for the occasional Cold Storage or Heavens Mandate but even those are rare from my time in cross server. As far as the group efforts go. Faster maybe...more fun. That's objective. Parties are mostly silent from start to finish. Unless someone messes up. Then it often turns into a wall of curses. Personally speaking if I was a new player I would gladly spend the extra 10 minut
  14. I still encounter under level players in these from time to time. Weither they're alts or new players I don't know. These places are designed with an entry level of 15 so all players can get the goodies from the events. Without the damage reduction most of the games population could flat out solo the places. So no reason to group up. So under level/geared players might not be able to complete them day by day.
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