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  1. Undead Unicorns (Crimson Legion)

    Undead Unicorns is a guild made of friends that is looking for more of those. We play to have fun ingame and to help each other. And it's always more fun with more people. The guild is new yet so we don't have a lot of people. The things we care about are: Being from Crimson Legion faction (in Cardinal Gates server of course) Being friendly with one-another (If you have problem with someone try to deal with it outside of the guild chat. Of course if you cannot deal with it you're free to contact the Leaders of the guild for help.) Writing only in English in the guild chat (It's not very polite to write something that cannot be understood of everyone) Being active (I'm not talking about being there all the time but if we see you once a week it's fine. Everyone has a life in the end of the day) As you can see any level fine. We can help each other through bad and good...dungeons... If you wanna join PM those people (or you can reply on this thread with your details): TheIceQueen (Leader) Jessy Speeddraw (Vice) Sabery (Veteran)
  2. Invisible people on arena

    Oh that might've happended. Thank you for the information and I'm sorry for the "fake" report!
  3. Invisible people on arena

    Hello today i decided to see how's the PvP in the arena. And it was all great i won some games lost some but then at one match vs some assassin around 20 lvl i won the first match and on the 2nd his model was invisible to me. I still won somehow, but then i started a new duel and it happened to be again vs assassin and he was invisible to me too. And before you say that they're supposed to be invisible check the picture. As you can see in the left he's invisible but i can see his name. The thing is when he uses invisibility his name is invisible too and also there's a walking shadow where he is. It might be client related bug or they might have found a way to make their models disappear (when I exited the arena i MOBs were visible to me).