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  1. I second this. Sprinting feels GREAT and you feel sluggish having to stop every few seconds trying to get from one place to another in quests. Not to mention falling into water embarrassingly when stamina runs out lol. At the very least maybe longer sprint bar or faster recharge. Or have more stamina as you gain levels / gain unlimited sprinting as a skill at mid/ high level (it's not already there is it?). You can keep it limited and fixed the same as now for pvp maps or something. As said people can sprint past battles with minimal effort anyways (and it doesn't guarantee avoidance), the stamina bar isn't stopping anyone who wants to do it. You can't exactly always glide past all enemies either. Good dungeon and map designs can prevent players from avoiding battles anyhow, and there are plenty of unavoidable fights in important dungeons that underleveled players would fail to survive, so they would have to fight and level at some point. Even with teleport, you still need to get to far places on foot. The price of teleport is acceptable, it's not really an issue, it's more about the potential of a much more satisfying player experience having an extended sprinting over the current state. Even with unlimited sprinting, no long term player is going to bother saving a few coppers by going through hoards of loading screens at transition maps. Sprinting is not THAT fast so they'd just take the instantaneous teleport for a few coins. You can't sprint across continents anyways lmao. So aside from "realism" factor, I don't quite see the function of sprint bar. I don't think it would be realism breaking (as a warrior you still have limited focus during battle, but when sprinting you harness chi efficiently for running, yada yada) or game breaking (this ain't FPS where you could run during combat). I also can't think off the top of my head any platforming elements where sprint bar comes into play. Practically, I don't think the team will change something that's been in the game for such a long time, but I feel uninterrupted free running similar to assassins creed would make the BnS world feel even more unique and satisfying to explore.