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  1. You can go through your task manager in windows. Performance tab >> Resource Monitor button (at the bottom) >> Network tab >> when the game is running select "client.exe" it will put it in the "TCP Connections" box. I believe Remote Port 10100 is your actual connection, as you can see it fluctuate. This works better if you have 2 monitors, if not you can shrink a window mode to see it realtime, or just play for a bit then alt tab back quick.
  2. I love how peoples initial go to statement is "Why so angry?" When someone calls them out on their sheer stupidity... I never once complained, I simply pointed out how ignorant you're to come into a post with no knowledge of the situation, and relay the same message we have seen each robot tell us over and over again. The real problem is people such as yourself, who cement companies wrongful decisions, by repeating what they say, although it doesn't assist the people having these issues. Also let's get this straight now, I have no issues with ping, I don't use a ping program, but
  3. Oh sorry, didn't know you were a parrot, do you just come into posts and repeat what NCsoft CM's say, without any knowledge of the situation at all? congratulations on being the reason why companies can continue to do as they please, with no consequences.
  4. So tired of seeing this shit... Yes it's ok! get banned for 3+ days before you get an appeal, then "hope" that NCsoft unbans you; when you have NO control over their decisions. It's been posted multiple times, that each rep is different and can choose to not remove the ban. The reddit post that clearly showed the ignorance of not only 1, or 2 reps but 3! reps before the guy got unbanned, and it was obviously only removed because of the noise, and upvotes he got on the post. It was in NCsofts best interest to remove the ban.
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