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  1. Tried this game a little at western launch, but other things got in the way. Many years experience in mmo's - WoW, Rift, Aion, FFXIV, Neverwinter, Vindictus, ESO, GW2, Wildstar, etc etc and more. Recently returned to B&S and started again - and heck, what a mistake that was. Questions on help with ui things, class build advice etc - where 99% of the time met with 'git good' 'lol' 'that's right git good' 'noob amongst us' etc etc. You name it, the juvenile crap flooded in. Trying to queue for leveling dungeons - only player on the planet it seemed. Asking higher level
  2. Same here Just logged off for a while, I'll see if it cures itself. Starfall here.
  3. Hi Part of the patch notes are below: A new Spam Block list has been added alongside the regular Block list (F4) You can add someone to this block list by using the new “Block spammer” contextual menu This will block them but also automatically report them as a spammer Unlike the regular block list, this will only block their chat and no other player interactions This new block list has 200 slots A “Delete All’ button has been added for easy management The list will automatically clear itself w
  4. Immediately after yesterdays second attempt to stop the gold spamming: "It's quiet Jim, too quiet" "I know they're out there somewhere". Logged on today: "They came at us in their hundreds, we where overwhelmed in minutes" "God help us all" Time for another 5+ hr maintenance sequel: 'Spam Wars: Revenge of the Sellers' and may the farce be with you.
  5. Yes, the launch is bound to have issues, just the same as every other game. There will be down-times in BDO and people will shout "I'm going back to BnS because their launch was a lot better, we never had this amount of disruption"...or something similar.
  6. This second extensive downtime is entirely of their own making, due to the woefully inadequate anti-spam measures introduced in the last downtime. Anyone with the slightest experience with mmo's could see that those last measures wouldn't do anything to stop the flood, but somehow the developers thought it would. As a reminder, these where the last changes: We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels We have removed the level restriction to report a bot or spammer The low level block on chat would be ove
  7. So, (quickly inserts hypothetically speaking): If I was using a gaming mouse and used this gaming mouse's software to keybind more than one skill to any of the buttons, then this would be breaking the terms and conditions? For example - if I keybind two skills to one of the extra buttons, then that would be ban hammer time???
  8. As anyone who had more than a nano-seconds experience of games could see, the anti-spam measures taken by NC where useless. Not slightly useless Not marginally useless Not mostly useless But - Completely and utterly useless. How the developers thought their actions would in anyway stem the flow of gold selling spam is beyond me, and everyone else who could see it. All you have done so far NC is frankly embarrassing.
  9. And this was the obvious action which should have happened - increase the block limit to something like 500 I cannot understand why they have missed this in these maintenance actions.
  10. Did the same thing - cleared my full block list in the hope that some of these had gone away, with the intention of blocking new ones - Nope, all there. Filled up the block list straight away, then just removed faction chat. This 50 limit should never have been there in the first place. NC are an experienced organisation and must have known this would happen. Their half measures in countering it makes me wonder if they have connections with some of these gold sites.
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