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  1. Whats the point of playing anymore?

    Pretty much that ^ The moment a half-decent game comes out I'm probably giving up on this one. Happy I didn't buy the 1 year premium. This company doesn't deserve the money with all the cash shop crap they pull (see costume transfer). Until then it's a time killer.
  2. P2w or not?

    Not really. p2w generally refers to the fact that I can go right now and spend about 500-700$ and fully upgrade a weapon to anything I want. Then go in open world with my brand new weapon and easily kill players that haven't spent real money in this game and have been playing for 2 months. Normally if you didn't have the siren tokens and the pirate emblems in the shop at least you'd hit the same wall as anyone else when upgrading. Yes you could still trade coins for gold and buy most of the stuff but you'd be at least forced to play a little bit. As it stands there's very little (probably a few weapons that are easily obtainable, like the purple Brighstone weapon) that prevent people from just buying their way trough the game. But then again we all knew that the western release for this game was purely about money and NcSoft was always a greedy company so what can you do.
  3. P2w or not?

    As long as there's open world PvP and you can buy with cash resources to upgrade your gear, yeah it's pay to win. You can go say however many times you want that arena has balanced stats but as long as you're forced to fight/kill other players in order to advance in PvE that's still called PVP. That makes no sense whatsoever. It must have taken you a long time to come up with something that deep right? :)
  4. @all these elitists in BnS

    Congratulations on completely missing the point.
  5. Killtrades a sort of Exploit ?!

    You people need to understand what an exploit is. It's abusing a feature that should not be available otherwise. Ex: Dupping, master loot bugs, etc. The mechanics are there. You're even able to revive people of the opposite faction which is ridiculous. So it doesn't qualify it as an exploit. Broken feature, yes. You could probably call it cheating a little bit but that's all. Also to the Ogong comment above, yes that was actually an exploit since you can't normally go trough doors.
  6. Real Players are helping bots in Misty Wood

    Paranoia much? You're PVP-ing against the other faction. To be honest when I see a red attacking my faction I attack back. I don't stop, look at who's attacking, scratch my arse and think if I should hit him or not and maybe wait for him to be done so he can possibly move on to attack me as well. Just join the rest of the world who doesn't give a crap about the bots (including NcSoft) and make your life easier. If your willing to waste your time doing for free what a GM should be doing it's your prerogative but don't come complaining that other people PVP back.
  7. problems updating removed my premium days .

    Bump because the poor guy seems to have been cheated out of more than a week of premium and support doesn't care. That's pretty much on par with stealing.
  8. What is the point of surveys?

    Well some special people probably said in the early surveys that they couldn't identify the NPCs by name easily (there was a question of this sort) and now we have horrible rainbow text for random words in the quests. Hurts my eyes to heck. So to answer your question. Probably to mess things up even further since things go "so well".
  9. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Crimson Tide costume that was store bought it's not mail-able to account. Stamps show disabled. I'm still not sure how you people are not embarrassed yet by all the mistakes you made. I mean even if you don't really care about other people's money at least you'd think you'd have the professional pride to make at least some things work correctly, right? Please fix this.
  10. I am at Awakened Pirate am I safe?

    From Hime's post it seems you can still go True Pirate even after the patch if you have Awakened. Let's hope it's accurate.
  11. I am at Awakened Pirate am I safe?

    From what they said yes you should be safe. Or at least I'm hoping since I'm in the same situation on my WL. You'll continue down the Pirate path to Breeze. Source:
  12. New 50 lvl big update

    Yet another stupid decision trademark NcSoft. In a game where people rolled warlocks 3 weeks ago they go and introduce lvl 50 content. Unless your other char was filthy rich and farmed since launch it's ridiculous to think warlocks are ready for this content.
  13. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    Would probably be worth mentioning the PDT stuff next time you guys write up a news item. Not everyone lives in the US (shocking right?) and for some of us March 17th doesn't mean March 18th.
  14. Best post of the day right there ^
  15. Where did 30 day and 365 day premium go?

    In the web shop for $ because they weren't making enough money probably.