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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Here are my babies <3 Summoner: Force Master: Assassin: Blade Master:
  2. Here are my characters I've done so far:
  3. Lyn ear and taills

    I wondered what animal it was supposed to be to but honestly they're so cute anyway c: I like them in the color light pink!
  4. You're Level 45 ---- Now What?

    What server are you in?
  5. Costumes should be account wide.

    YESSSSS!!!!!!! I knew I couldn't be the only one thinking this. I totally agree, they should allow premium members to share costumes between all characters since we have the wardrobe option. This would increase the amount of premium membership sales and honestly, people would probably spend more on outfits knowing all their characters could wear them. Maybe it would be fair if only 1 character could wear it at a time? Regardless, I really hope they change it..
  6. Show off your characters!!

    How do you guys take pics of your characters without the health/etc bar showing? >-<
  7. I'm down to try just for fun because I love making characters. I'm proud of my characters and I think I could replicate a pic easily.
  8. Same here! I was surprised to see we couldn't search them up -__- I hope they change that bc I know the name of the clan I wanted to join too.
  9. I will TELL you why people buy from gold sellers

    Well I wouldn't care for the option of buying your way through levels, skills, quests, etc. The only reason I wanted to be able to buy gold is solely so I can customize the appearance of my cat as it only takes coins. The same reason why most people spend real money on NCoin, to enhance/personalize their appearance. If they would give an option to change my cat's appearance with NCoin I would do that instead :-/
  10. I will TELL you why people buy from gold sellers

    I really hope they allow us to buy gold straight from them soon, it would make a lot of things easier. I've been so tempted to buy gold from one of those websites but I love my characters too much that I wouldn't risk getting banned ; - ;
  11. Yup, theres another post about this in the bugs report forum. I guess it's all of us??
  12. Bugs in the Chat Box

    I don't know if it's only my account, but I can't make any changes for the chat boxes. I tried to change the font color for things like faction and region but it doesn't register. Also tried to create a new chat tab and that didn't work either. Admin please fix this :(
  13. Came here to post about this but I guess I'm not the only one haha. I crashed (for the 5th time) and when I tried to login there was an update. Since that little update I haven't been able to get past the login screen. I login and the regular stuff happens, but then it never loads the big BNS logo with the dragon. I just want to level up ; - ;
  14. I would love to see just ONE server with a vast amount of channels.
  15. Choosing a sever other than Mushin

    Yeah, its just not worth it