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  1. It's okay for one character, but I finished main quest with 13 characters before they updated the quest rewards, I play 2 of the twinks actively, so I would "only" have to upgrade 11 times from storm dragon 3 which you got from the quest when it got updated to gc3, which is still a substantial amount. At least more than I want to pay for something I'm supposed to get for free from the main story. The merchant in Mushin was selling the Raven weapon when the main story gave you a Raven Weapon, why not update the merchant there? Why sell a weapon there which is lower than the main s
  2. just because you don't have a decent compound and you can't/don't want to do hm trains doesn't mean it's irrelevant.... Say any reason why the page shouldn't be changeable in Cross Server Dungeons....
  3. 3.1k mystic and crit dmg gives you quite more damage compared to hp + debuff dmg/debuff def... (15% less Mystic Damage Rate and 10% less Critical Damage Bonus), I'd guess actually ~10-12% damage loss. And for hm trains you definitely want to actually have your gear equipped or are you having fun playing hm dungeons without your soul/heart etc equipped? Probably not, because you could simply equip it. Why can't you switch it in cross server to begin with, I don't see any valid reason why you shouldn't be able to switch compound pages in the cross server dungeons...
  4. Why can we still not change compound pages in f8 even after getting a second page? I made a pvp compound page but after joining a daily train (which 99% of the groups are running in Cross Server Dungeon) I saw that I still have the pvp compound page active. But instead of being able to switch it like every other part of my gear, I'd have to leave the group, go back to the server, change it there and try to rejoin the party. If we have multiple pages (and I assume it is for PvE and PvP pages) please let us be able to switch it everywhere including the Cross Server Dungeon. Is there any re
  5. We actually also had a streamer join in, you can see a big part of the fight here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1165464101?t=3h1m45s Thanks a lot ill for streaming this 😃
  6. we were all in ch4 and they definitely did show up safezone were the stairs, so half of the people were never on the screenshots sadly. I can ask for more screenshots from other participants, the whole fighting went on for nearly 2 hours. It also included nearly 2.4k messages in the warzone discord channel. From my side: thanks for everyone who joined, this was insanely enjoyable and we got some good open world pvp. At least from my side I was pretty consistent on ~40 fps during the group fights, so imo UE4 is a huge success in terms of performance improvement
  7. I mean the support legit suggested to post this here as you can see from the support response: it's just a community created huge open world pvp event with 2 teams, Team Eva and Team AntiChest to battle out the area in Ajanara Monastery. If you want to join you're more than welcome, currently we already got more than 50 participants.
  8. Hello, as the support recommended us to, we'd like to invite you all to a warzone on the October 2nd, 2021 at 20:30 CEST in Ajanara Monastery on the EU server between the two dedicated teams: Team Eva VS Team AntiChest Both factions will go head to head against each other in the name of Cheats or Justice and the victorious faction shall rule the realm of Blade & Soul. We would like to invite you all including all members of the NCSOFT Support Team to come and join us in this amazing exhibition match, that'll change our realm forever. We would also love to have @Himeto join us
  9. Will you use the (hopefully) influx of new players to actively do something against wintraders and cheaters? Currently even with video proof of f.e. people speedhacking in open areas nothing is happening, everything goes to "internal investigation" with them still running around weeks/months later. If you don't cheat you're currently having a big disadvantage, without any signs of cheaters being punished. Many old players will return and new players will come to the game again with UE4. But they will leave again if the problems with ladders are still there.
  10. I wrote a small batch script for myself to manage the services automatically(only Razer Chrome SDK Service, just extend the script if you need multiple processes or another process) and thought I'd share it. Documented it if something of it isn't clear. @echo off REM request admin privileges taken from here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/10052222/5427835, needed for starting/stopping services :: BatchGotAdmin :------------------------------------- REM --> Check for permissions IF '%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%' EQU 'amd64' ( >nul 2>&1 "%SYSTE
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