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  1. I loved what the roadmap and producers letter gave us: the ability to plan ahead a little bit and understand where NCSOFT is headed in the upcoming year. There was one of these for 2016 and that was amazing. Heres that old letter/roadmap: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-producers-letter/ and the pic: Anyone else like this style of announcement and general content release plan? Anyone feel like its a bit unnecessary? I loved it a lot, but I want to hear what other people think as well as let NCSOFT know that they did a great job (in my opinion)
  2. Wow. I don't understand this at all. Why would they keep doing massive price drops at such a rapid rate and offer free legendary wep to players who quit? I understand the need to try to get players to come back and make endgame content more accessible, but some of these changes/giveaways come far too fast and undermine one of the core mmorpg principles (if not all mmos, certainly Korean mmos): Grinding should be rewarding. Farming for materials, grinding, and then doing upgrades should feel rewarding, but a great deal of the time it just doesn't with BnS. You know that
  3. Why do long standing systems like these change with so little notice? It just gives me less incentive to grind for anything.
  4. I forgot about the outfits in my good section... truly the best game I've played for having some really well done outfits for all races and genders. It leans a bit on the sexy side tho haha
  5. Hey fellow forumgoers, Recently I've noticed a trend in these forums which is whenever a player is displeased with the game, they go here and complain while those players who actually like the game don't say much since they're in game and not checking these forums. I am a BnS player and I'd just like to say thank you to Team Bloodlust and everyone for bringing BnS here to NA/EU The Good: -The dungeons are great (endgame could even be more challenging) -Environments great as always -Combat Mechanics are great -Story is interesting
  6. Tfw warlock upgrade to legendary decreases your helix dps from the 20% additional helix damage true scorpio gives...
  7. I actually have no idea why this thread is a thing, supply drops due to trove ending, but the demand is always high. This is good for players who actually play the game/do ssp..... The free market is too much for some people I guess lol Why wouldn't you want greater returns for the mats you farm? Thank the trove buyers for the low prices til now.
  8. Why do people hate ncsoft slowing the gold inflation? Genuine question. It's not like just you guys have decreased gold returns from dailies, everyone does..... -_-
  9. You are a moonwater transformation stone crafter and seller. You log on the market and observe that the lowest price for single moonwater transformation stones is 4G 69S. People are also selling stacks of 10 moonwater transformation stones for 4G 50S per the stack. Do you: A.) Sell the moonwater transformation stones each single for 4G 80S hoping theyll sell soon once people buy the lower costing ones. B.) Sell the moonwater transformation stones each single for 4G 50S so they sell quickly. C.) Sell a stack of 10 moonwater transformatio
  10. Pics or it didn't happen. But really though I wish a moderator/ncsoft employee would hop into this conversation.
  11. LOL. I have waited so long for this parody post to arrive to our lovely bns forums. 10/10 sir
  12. I've frequented the forums for some time now and this issue keep popping up. People make remarks like: - "NCSOFT please fix ap requirements, asking for 500 ap to do poh is ridiculous." - "The devs don't care about the game because they don't allow newer players to get 500+ immediately to be able to do any of the endgame content." - "Everyone leaves xserver dungeons if you dont have 500+, I can't do content." Every time I see these comments I cringe a little because there are some sad truths about the BNS community in them. "NCSOFT please fix ap req
  13. Honestly the costs aren't that bad, I just rerolled an alt myself and from the storyline gold I was able to go all the way from the start to true profane just on that gold. There are many weapons that now sell for a fair amount of money in some of the required dungeons (darkglimpse, tainted lab, etc.) so its easy to earn some extra gold here and there. As for continuing on weapon progression it does get more expensive, but you can very easily do misty woods for some soulstones and run silverfrost dailies for tons of money. There are options, you just have to utilize them instead of
  14. Hey has anyone else logged on today and noticed that the market is different? The font for me seems blurry and I can't right click to buy items anymore. Anyone seeing this as well?
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