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  1. Lag only in BnS???

    THe customer support is hardly any help, man. They copy-paste the same replies for every possible issue. I don't recommend it.
  2. Lags

    No it's not only you. Infact, I lag so much in Moonwater Plains, I'm barely in mood to play BnS anymore...
  3. Network Error

    what was the problem exactly?
  4. they aren't ignoring you. they got the report. they just have tons of other reports with proof an all to review, so it just takes time.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    @Xantoria I meant the ones below this post: " Here's my evil girl. I these kind of shots. Her eyes are all red. "
  6. Show off your characters!!

    they are still broken to me....
  7. Show off your characters!!

    @Xantoria your links are broken/invalid. we can't see your lovelies ^_^
  8. Show off your characters!!

    @Darma I always disliked the beauty mark in the nose, but the rest looks beautiful :)
  9. Show off your characters!!

    @Aeion To post an imgur image here, copy-paste the BBcode link.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    @Aeion reupload your pictures. they are broken
  11. Show off your characters!!

    @CherryCream Your Lyn is very unique! I like it very much :D
  12. Show off your characters!!

    My Kung Fu Master, Ran Taeyeon (란 태연) in her newly acquired outfit: What I need now, is an option to resking NPC weapons (which can't be done :'( ) to reskin them with a certain skin I like so much. I can only hope.....
  13. Game mechanics

    I usually keep some lotoed weapons and accessories I find for my next upgrade. Till level 30-35, just keep almost any weapon you find, but try to limit its level as close to the "breakthrough" or "transformation" weapon's level. For example: if your weapon needs a level 33 weapon to breakthrough or evolve, just keep a row of 29-33 weapons with you. You can sell the rest. Before you sell them, salvage them. The reason is simple. The weapon's price is always 1 copper (kinda the bummer, right?). When you salvage it, you may get a "broken piece" which sells for 1 copper, BUT you may have the chance to get a special material from the weapon you just salvaged. These rare materials are used in "transmutation" (the 3rd icon from left on the bottom of your inventory). You can either keep them to use them yourself, or sell them in the marketplace. Do the same with accessories. The "better choice" for you, is to keep blue or purple items in your invenotry (for the puprose of upgrading your items). They give more exp and they cost less than a dozen of green ones. Generally, the higher the rarity, the higher the exp they give when you use them. Purple items are a little "special". When you use them to upgrade your gear, they have a "min" and "max" exp. Needless to say that your weapon will upgade somewhere up to the min and the max values. As for the soul shields ("bo-pae" for me), it gets a little trickier here. What I do is this: In case I don't need it: 1) Go to "achievements" > "equipment" > "collecting". Check if the bo-pae piece is listed under any achievement. If it is, wear it to progress the achievement and remove it again. 2) Check the color of the piece. If it's gray, I sell it. If it's green I either sell it or salvage it. Blue and purple always salvage (they give you fusion powder at larger quantities some times). 3) If the blue or purple bo-pae is better than mine, I use it (only as a set though). If they are almsot as good as my current one and have some stats I need, I fuse them. 4) In "fusion" the best stat of each piece is used. So if I have a piece with HP +150, Evasion +6 and Block +30, the "Block" stat will be the one the piece you want to upgrade will get. As far as each piece's stats go, you need to remember this: Piece 1 has worse stats than Piece 8. So if I wanted to infuse my bo-pae set with a critical one, I would find that critical soul shield and fuse it with pieces 5-8. That's all for now. Sorry for my bad English. If you didn't understand anything, tel me.
  14. Yet another spelling mistake

    You forgot an "s" in "OverSeer" :P Quest name: Mine Break Continent: Moonwater Plains Location: Brightstone Village NPC: Chunpung