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  1. Low fps on high end PC

    Removing the animations(effects) will make x32 somewhat stable,but nothing will help people that are having fps drops on classes with high attack speed(spectral bm/archer) the game engine/servers just can't keep up with 5+ APS.
  2. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    ^ Now u have mystic fire to have fun with destros and BDs don't worry =)
  3. Need guide: FULL dark build (hm rmb)

    ^ Okay mate , but this is a Warlock section:D
  4. SS FM ?

    Tell me plz which dungeons have mobs with more than 0 def?(%damage reductions in nexus/asura cannot be bypassed by pierce) so i call that stat useless in dungeons untill anything changes in future. ToI is a diffirent story but its hardly a Pve dungeon anyway.
  5. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    U used ice tab in the video anyway then why not spec it to freeze+backdash and then use m.blaze straight after? freeze from it should keep them in place long enough to kill.
  6. AUTO detonate is much better than Burn build

    Wrong. Dragonblaze increase the fire ATT on the gear which we don't have.(no dmg increase now) and you didn't count Hm force blast which crits almost same as beam on burning target. About windstorm 8k over 2 hits for 2 focus (x7 damage multi) vs 14k beam damage for 2 focus(x10 multi on burning enemy) where is that " same thing for burn build anyway "? It may be better if u are sitting at around 35-40 crit chance .
  7. Soulshield Progression (Dungeon Progression?)

    Yeti + scorpio mix or full yeti to keep u going higher content. ---> sundered nexus 6 man. 1) crit 2)accuracy 3)maybe some defence so u can take some random hit. Around 40k hp (so no one-shots if u get hit by smth) Once u get 113-115% accuracy go for asura 6man for the SS(trust me only noobs will kick a WL from pt,i rather have a 400 ap WL than a useless 70k+hp 550 ap destro) One of the best endgame mixes are 3 5 7 - Be Ido and rest is Asura. good hp,great crit , 120% acc and decent defence. Take a look here also:
  8. Toxic players beware

    We need a medic here asap...
  9. pirate bracelet

    20 runs - no bracelet what the actual f...? this item was never a 4-man drop so why the sh1t drop rate?
  10. Oathbreaker or Awakened Sire?

    alot more cheaper? no its not,Awakened oathbreaker requires 11 mw stones and 180 ss and god knows how much more for breakthrough and later evo. Go for siren.
  11. FMs who uses detonate

    i only encounter fm's that just faceroll the keyboard(and thank god),they do sh1t dps but at least they don't detonate:D
  12. Huge problem with upgrades after level 36

    i just don't get the new evo system - to get from oathbreaker to awakened O.b (true siren AP) you need 11 mw stones! and 180 ss what the actual f...? and this not counting the breakthrough =/ whats the point in it? to be 5 ap ahead in the end of true pirate weapon?
  13. Mob Resetting

    Happens in tower on my fm on 3rd f. If you root the mob and he can't reach you to hit he resets in about ~7s gg. So pretty much be in melee to avoid reset:D
  14. Storm siren Bangle item

    storm siren from poh 24