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  1. Last time I played BNS was half year ago, so just wonder how is arena pvp these days. Is there a balance or is everything a wreck? Is ncsoft planning for anything for arenas?
  2. How is arena pvp these days?

    yesterday I watched imperial tournament and gotta say, wl just 100-0 kung fu master without a sweat...guess nothing changed for half year, always a class that kills everything
  3. PVP Arena Update Needed

    Thing is, arena is dead, the amount of people who goes there dropped drastically, even though people do promote pvp with tournaments, but sadly, pvp is not worth to do at all now. To play in arena, I always needed wtfast or else the skill delays would kill me on their own *Insert Contact Your ISP Joke Here* Arena is in bad states also due to facts that xp rewards are really low, 3k xp per win, when you need millions (32mill to reach HM 11, so 10 thousand wins needed :D ). Zen beans rewards are also lame, since there are barelly high rank people, so reaching high rank is also hard. And last, but not least - PVE is bringing money to ncsoft, not pvp. All Throve keys and other RNG boxes are that's bringing $, while pvp doesn't, so there is no interest for them to give attention to it.
  4. Why everything is so expensive now?

    shortage of people + people quiting = bigger prices on mats
  5. Producer's Letter Q&A Livestream Answers

    Good thing Jonathan was there, so the questions when where you needed to play the game to answer were all given to him to answer, else it would be 2 clueless guys trying to pretend that they know nothing about nothing. Seriously, I don't think we need those 2 guys, just give both of their paychecks to jonathan, he at least knows wtf is going on. EDIT: After seeing those 2, I understand why bns is going downhill. EDIT2: Extremelly dissapointed that there were no questions answered about arena pvp, guess stuff will stay the same about that.
  6. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: IMP tournament has been discontinued and arena is losing players daily, it is no longer as active as it used to be due to imbalance in levels and hm skills, Any planned actions for that?
  7. GF left me coz of playing too much BnS

    They give more attention to their wife/girlfriend instead of game. Game is just a thing you spend your free time on. If you choose no lifing a game over a girlfriend.....well man, you got problems.
  8. Price Hike.....

    That moment when you have your premium subscription canceled just in time :) And just because USD and euro ratio is different by 0.1, it doesn't make it right to charge same numbers. And as I seen, when buying NCcoins in game, the price numbers are the same, so EU are overpaying. EDIT: I also would like to know what made them to increase the prices? I am already guessing it will be "we wanted to make equal prcies everywhere".
  9. Is Arena Dying?

    yes arena is dying, which is sad. There really used to be higher ranks, now at end of season - not many diamonds (I don't count win traders). Not to mention that barely (maybe even no) new people go to arena. It is really getting boring seeing same people in top ranks, it's like no new blood, if those people quit - nothing left. At least how I see now, a lot of good pvp players are leaving bns. They sometimes log in just few arenas, but not as passionate as they used to be. Mostly the reasons they leave are level (you really need skill points), HM skills (if pvers don't want to pvp they don't have to, while pvpers have to in order to get skills and buying from vendor is insane since the prices are sky high), previous cheaters waves (it did the part to make people leave) and last but not least, low numbers of arena participants (people really get tired fighting the same guy over and over and over again, The higher rank you are, the more common this deja vu gets). Xp rewards are really dumb. At 45 you could level up with arena, now - 3k xp for win, only 6,997,000 xp left :D I mean even some pvers went to arena just because of nice quick xp. As for KR, people say that in korea the community is more competative, that is why their gold = our diamond, but that's just how I heard can't tell how much of this is true.
  10. I want recover my account write there
  11. Allow UNLIMITED Quest/Dailies, NOT 40/40.

    Yes, the limit is there for a lot of reasons. One of them is preventing no lifers being way too ahead from people who have jobs/school, also making people actually take a break. Another is not making BNS a 2nd job (some may say to keep up it almost already is). It's been confirmed (by community) that this game is alt unfriendly, so I don't think it's possible to level and gear equally 2 chars in this game. And about the limit: Jonathan said that the limit is same in every region and most likely will not get increased any time soon.
  12. And yet still no valid argument from your side. No comforting in here. If you want hugs, then you won't get them in forum
  13. Do people cheat - some do, I actually hate cheaters a lot, but at least I didn't see any for past 2 weeks (specially the popular awqwe summoners), so name the classes that cheated against you. Because now you just look butthurt for reaching gold and having to fight people that know how to pvp and you come here to find someone to comfort you.
  14. That explains how you got to 1600 in first place :D Like I said, random button smashing works less and less when ranking up. So I doubt you meet cheaters, you just meet people than know how to deal with summoners. And if they are cheating, can you name classes for me?
  15. Let me guess, you are another bm/kfm that gets beat up and the reason of the loss is not that you suck, but people are scripters? My word of advice - random button smashing helps only in bronze and low silver.
  16. Pay to Play server, please?

    Well this will never happen :) As I recall bots are on KR too and it's pay to play there, so don't think botting problem would be solved. Another thing about that server, is that it would be totally dead. The amount of people who buy premium is going lower now, not because there is no p2p server, but because of dissapointment in management. Also even with transfers, how many would transfer? Barely any, because they would not want to leave friends/clanmates just to to play on another server alone, not to mention that the old servers' population would go lower. And transfers would require way too many resources on ncsoft side. Profit: remember the rule of F2P - least effort for most profit. Right now they make most money not from premiums or costumes, but from people who spend thousands of cash (also know as whales) into cash shop for RNG boxes. Actually even right now I think all the content rush is for them, since they are all now with legendaries and excuses like "we rush content to make pvp catch up with other regions" is total b#$*@#&!. In conclusion, if they wanted to, they would've made the game itself pay to play.
  17. Like Jonathan said in stream, the prices are based on demands, cost is going down because nobody is buying your gold, that is why it's going down, also I think profit wise it is more worth it to buy those rng boxes than gold from currency exchange. So don't blame ncsoft on this, blame people that don't want that gold :)
  18. server transfers and populations

    Where do you get this info? P.s. If these numbers are from peak time, then game will be dead in 2 months
  19. some of worst people on the planet?

    So you got all QQ because one guy decided to be a dummy and kill you, thus that making it community's fault? It's your own fault you didn't remove faction outfit. And judging by your story, you are mixing real life with a game. Well said
  20. Faction imbalance is getting out of hand...

    #1 And same channels will still be dominated #2 so you want prestige to stay or quests to be done? #3 Might be good idea, but then we get the trouble of X faction is outnumbering, because Y faction is full afkers. But in the end, there is no possible way to make balance between factions. Barely any game has balance when it comes to picking sides and fighting. And one bright side of imbalance is that at least one faction gets it's quests done, because if it would be with equal numbers and activity, then doing ssp dailies would take a whole day and then there would posts that quests take too long to do and then QQ posts how people quit because getting soulstoens is too hard and they don't like arenas. There is no real point doing anything balancing when there are speeders everywhere and whole faction war concept is just "meh" at best. So, better just go arena if you want soulstones.
  21. Hackers are getting more brazen. (Video)

    pretty soon even videos of cheaters will be totally useless :) So I think ncsoft should implement speedhack as a feature, since it's not bannable and stuff and gameguard is here only to slow the game :)
  22. Disconnected from server (2000) error

    Bots and speedhackers are all logging in now, so you will have to wait :)
  23. So, about PvP

    I wonder if there will be a weekly stream from BNS staff :D Can't wait for them to say "Congratulations to first weekly winners" :D :D But yeah, bot hack all the way. P.s. Your screen will be removed because of naming and shaming :D Bots got rights too EDIT: Can someone drop in NA Top chart?

    Ncsoft never replies in forums. And yes it is annyoing, specially that those guns are only good for speedhackers to kill people and by looks of things, they won't remove guns or speeders.
  25. GG Lag, lag wins Fatality

    Well, you are in turkey and you are being connected to US server ( just like everyone in EU), since Eu doesn't have a cross-server. It's been proved multiple times that EU people get connected to US server, which is why we get crap ping.