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  1. Turned into worst gasmen around

    Quite the insight. Sounds like you HAVE to be A CORPORATE SUIT!!!! That is how they sound. Just like you... Screw the players that have stuck with the damn game. Just make as much money as we can before we have to fold. City of Heroes was like that. Very good content, but with all the changes after number 3 they lost 3/4 of the player base. But it lasted about another year, then folded... The real question is how much money NCSOFT (Korea) is willing to put into the game to keep it going??
  2. I am a Founding Member from the Alpha on. I have stuck by you, loved the upgrades. Some of them were tough, but fun. I hated what you did to crafting. It Sucks. The is no real reason to craft now. It is stupid what you did.. Then the changes to the quests. God you want to give everything away> Like you don't have to work for anything now? The quantifies need dropped form 5 to 3 or less? There have been HUGE changes o a lot if not all of the quests . It's like a Monty Hall from AD&D!! So sad. I know this will probably now be answered or even address...what the hell anything that keeps the money rolling in is good..Screw the players that have stuck with the game no matter.. Sorry to say if the damn processed online can be worked out i am going back to Star Wars the Old Republic. At least they don't charge you for equipment upgrades.. t
  3. Where is portal to new area located? Ok this sounds so stupid but where is it?
  4. Soulburn

    Thanks to all for your help.. I never looked at the center tree before appreciate the help
  5. Soulburn

    Nope its not there What is name of tab?
  6. Soulburn

    ok thats cool...how the heck do you do that??/ lol
  7. Soulburn

    I am a lvl 45 Warlock and looking at my skills I still do not have Soulburn??
  8. Question about warlock.

    If they are going to Nerf Warlock,why even bring it otu?? We spend millions of gold elevating them up.. for what?
  9. Warlock Question

    Where can I read this information please?
  10. Warlock Question

    I have gotten mine to 35, and have a huge question... My Thrall. When summoned it just stays in front of me and doesnt move. I have seen others leap towards the target. I know this is ignorance on my part and hope someone can help me figure this out. Thanks :)
  11. New 45

    Found the NPC All he says is Nobody has reached the level of Muschin before.. and thats it :(
  12. New 45

    I have Yura's note, cant finish tjhat quest. Got to lvl 45 and I still donot have the quest to go to Muschin 's Tower. Cant find a quest from anyone. Plz help Thanks
  13. Skyhaven

    Is it possible to get a Skyhaven Resistance uniform? would really like one :) Thanks
  14. Crimson elite tent

    I found it it is in Hogshead Pastures