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  1. EZ , get i7 with good graphic card with at least 4gb dedicated to It. that will assure you to run the game smooth, as for the delay and speed of response in game , ask internet provider to increase whatever you have, just ask em xD. bye
  2. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    SErver is soooo laggy!
  3. Cant sell anything, cant type or search anything . after server restart, same when i click on character info , bugged and cant search other people is it just me?
  4. [ESP] Clan Español Recluta !

    uds hacen premades 3v3 y pvp ?
  5. [ENG] <Death Company> [Crimson Legion] PvP

    im looking for a guild doing premades 3vs3 and pvp ingame name Kmu LBD
  6. Blade and soul has overpopulation on the servers... oh yes they all so crowed.....Lmao population :1player 1000 bots xD There is no way this arent bots, " a organised summoner raid" my azz xD cmon this is the power of hax ,those bots are the conbination of specific skills saved and repeated over time, such as atacking and changing chanel, new era of hax has begun, NCsoft really must look into this !
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    bots just leveled up , there is not faction chat , there is gold spammers chat . recording speed is reduced x5
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    is slow bcus i used reduced speed x5 , the actual speed goes x5 faster
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Bots just leveled up , Please fix this and come up with a better solution , there cant be any open world pvp if the faction chat is fked up, chat spam ruins pretty much everything else good in the game. Faction chat became Gold spammers chat
  10. Market isn't working?

    under what category is transformation stone?
  11. Keep post clean , post only your ingame costumes and if possible where to find them. Pinchy costume : The cinderlands Boss 2 Drop(essence) Deva costume: The cinderlands Boss 1 Drop(essence) Profane Costume : Moonwater Boss 2 Profane Costume : Moonwater Boss 2