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  1. I mean, Im premium and all that, so I dont need to be "jelly" Im just not going to spend money on something that was already in the game.
  2. let me guess, you work for NCwest? :^)
  3. you definitely could salvage certain costumes on the other servers Lycan for instance
  4. you didn't adjust the prices for any of the items that require HQ fabric, and in NA/EU we cant salvage from outfit that drop from dungeons? why are you doing this to your player base? to milk money? that's just not right.
  5. put 2 GM's on every server one in the open world and one in the arena, they can ban any bots they see or come in contact with. its not hard. WoW used to have GM's running around in the open world why cant you? I dont see any Issue with this to atleast try and combat the bots.
  6. This is just awful, I love the pvp in this game but how am I supposed to feel like i've DONE something when bots inflate the ranking so hard
  7. NCsoft is driving away their player base with bad management of bots and hackers, I wanted more from this game. Guess I'll just have to live with the hack that they could have done a better job and choose not to.
  8. I've been trying to do Blackwyrm. I have a high end computer BUT as soon as I try to do that boss, turning off characters and turning my settings all down to 1 I still only get 20 FPS. Is there any way to help this? I cant really do that fight as a melee with 20 FPS, I've only tried it a few times and never gotten anything.
  9. it has nothing to do with losing, infact I think we won that match. I just wanted to make sure this wasnt what we had thought it was! If it in infact a desync then thats all fine and dandy :)
  10. thats exactly what I mean, the turning is what I believe to be some type of hacking.
  11. https://youtu.be/dbQQmbA6_u4 So I had been recording my 3v3's due to one incident early in the night were we fought a team and lost against them, but after we lost every one of my team members had crashed along with him. We came across this KFM who was moving in snare, which is clearly cheating. (sorry about the bit rate I have no idea what im doing)
  12. I thought maybe something came loose when we had a earthquake early here but...doesnt seem like it.
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