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  1. @Mariester No but neither did he quote OP and since I just stated to "spam bee under petal" seemed his comment could also have been aimed at me.
  2. So no summoner fix?

    The term "looking into it" usually means "we'll do *cricket* all and hope people forget/give up".
  3. Stand under petal when you spam Bee this will prevent you from being stunned if they counter it with tab, also used 2nd or 3rd path Bind skill since adds poison effect, bind almost no use on LBM since they can just tab to break it and if they're using the "Parry Tab" they regain 4 chi when break bind, put 1 extra sp into 2 "Backstep" will allow you to escape if they FG you, and 1 point into Hammer Spin this will make it harder to sleep your cat (Can use when they grab cat to break it). If they sleep your pet then try stand slightly behind it, that way they will wake it up if they try attack you with a multi-target skill. @xStricken "Huzzar!" or w/e the *cricket* it's called is ok to have SP in but mostly against KFM, Destroyer and sometimes BM, helps keep it alive against players who try stunlock kill cat fast.
  4. REALLY picky players

    Lol noobs who are afraid of someone a little weaker than them, me and my friend duo 4m and do 6m runs with people on our friendslist who are less geared, if a random f8 complains I just tell them "simple solution; *cricket* off" and wait for them to leave of stfu.
  5. So no summoner fix?

    It's stupid when people say Summoner is OP, only thing makes it OP in PvP is that fact it is an easier class to play as long as know basics. KFM, FM, Destroyer are OP if you know how to play them well just most people play them like shit and have no idea of good builds so lose a lot, at the moment some classes have the underhand cause the lack of Lv50 content but at level 50 a lot of the weaker classes now will get super strong. The current skills in question effect all players in PvE such as F healing other players and Q allowing them to keep DPS up with lower down time which will be needed in later game when boss' have like 70million hp and have to beat them in 5mins.
  6. It's a feature that exists in other versions but probably won't be added until late Silver-frost update when they add Night Wind plains raid.
  7. Game randomly switches to Japanese text.

    remove japanese ime from your pc
  8. Hongmoon Skill 2 Scroll Quest Bugged?

    Summoner needs to use RB skill 10 times on the listed boss, Beggar in Moonlake and I think was Pohwaran, they changed it in a lot of version so I don't remember the original might have been mushin floor 7 boss not beggar. But no point doing now until they add achieve otherwise doesn't count.
  9. Which class is mostly need as DPS in party ?

    I think FM the highest DPS class in pve.
  10. Hongmoon Skill 2 Scroll Quest Bugged?

    Supposed to be a Booklet drops from BSH 4man that gives you a quest, however there's also supposed to be an Achieve that allows you to buy that item which is to get 10 hits with the skill that is going to be unlocked on BSH6/4M final boss, Beggar in the Cave and on Pohwaran
  11. FPS bug / Summoner Q broke

    After recent patch my fps has drastically dropped during combat using the same and lowered settings from before. Prior to patch in dungeons I'd get around 30-45fps, now I get between 8~26fps it's rather annoying and Vsync doesn't help either. Also unrelated to this is that cat's Q is broke or if it was an intended change it was completely unnecessary and a *cricket*ing ridiculous one, I don't have this same problem in the other versions of the game using newest skill builds (China & Japan) so that's why I'm assuming it's a bug. Regards. Mio
  12. cat tank nerfed

    I think it's a bug or a Western change only cause my cat in CN version doesn't have this issue even with lag holds better hate. Also the people crying about it being OP class this Q skill has nothing to do with pvp.
  13. RIP Servers again

    Wish they'd actually fix the servers instead of just resetting them.
  14. RIP Servers again

    Getting bad lag and spikes on Hao District atm, unable to talk to npc/use skills.
  15. Change Character (Disconnect)

    It's been like this most the day now, also in F5 the search feature is broken.