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  1. server transfers and populations

    Is as simply that if you are gonna post something, post it right with the complete info and make sure that is not old or fake. Cause doing it like that is like you are trying to make the game more dead than might be ;), Either you like it or not thats how it is and deal with it.
  2. Listen up NCWest

    That would be actually fun to see, but i highly doubt its gonna happen ^^, just be patient.
  3. Just Sick Of It ...

    k, bye PS: get better pc or stop running shit on the background while playing it maybe ;)
  4. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    Check last's week VOD i dont know the exact time on it, but it was one of the first questions that they were answering. Also besides that I remember Julianne comenting it on Jae's stream at chat. They didnt say an exact date so dont expect to know when, but they were talking about the upcoming weeks.
  5. server transfers and populations

    First of all this is fake and old numbers, and 2nd of all if you are trying to troll do it properly at least: Server NA: Mushin: 19639 Poharan: 4211 Jiwan: 4223 Master Hong: 2183 Iksanun: 1670 Hajoon: 1194 Yehara: 1432 Juwol: 666 Soha: 2005 Old Man Cho: 2745TOTAL: 39968 Class NA: BM: 8016 KFM: 5612 DES: 3907 SIN: 6438 SUM: 4569 BD: 4823 FM: 6658 Server EU: Windrest: 8312 Ebon Hall: 1834 Starfall Crater: 2050 Cardinal Gates: 836 Wild Springs: 1467 Hao District: 735 [DE] Frostgipfel: 5028 [DE] Bambusdorf: 1300 [DE] Windweide: 1045 [FR] Dokumo: 2780 [FR] Ogong: 997 [FR] Hogdonny: 316TOTAL:26700 Class EU: BM: 5362 KFM: 3522 DES: 2727 SIN: 4374 SUM: 2925 BD: 3263 FM: 4553 This is taken from reddit, those were numbers posted on release day (YES THIS IS BEFORE THE 2M PLAYERS ANNOUNCEMENT) what this guy just did was as you can see grab the 4 lowest servers on NA, with that said, those numbers were old and it wasnt official numbers according to NCSoft. Source: Source of the data: Next time try harder m8
  6. NCWest laying off people?

    You are so naive... lol, i'll let you live in your world :)
  7. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    People that complains about weapon upgrade cost, you guys realize that in the next few weeks they are gonna implement a weapon cost reduction right? they even mention it at the livestream lol. In my case im just stacking up to 1k5 gold and gear up once they apply that :)
  8. NCWest laying off people?

    Dont worry @AmatsuDF dedicates his time on forums going throu threads claiming that NCSoft will shut down the game in 6-7 months cause of lack of interest, and that the server merge means thats happening. This guy clearly didnt play many MMOs if he thinks like that, besides, if he would have bothered to watch last week's livestream, they even said that there's no plans for server merge in a short term ^^. In a TLDR: he's just an annoyed customer that wants the game to die, prolly promoting that "X game" is better than BnS blablabla.
  9. NCWest laying off people?

    Correct that, you speak of what you think its true ;) thats two complete different things, and I can tell you that you are already not really accurate at all, but hey raging/complaining is free
  10. NCWest laying off people?

    Keep dreaming about it, its not gonna happen.
  11. When people asked for lvl 45 legendaries/Qimaster Unlocked now/Remove SSP Bots sorry had to do it XD
  12. Guys he only wants atention, dont bother with people like this :)
  13. The true boss of Floor 15

    Even if its a pain in the ass, try battleping/pingzapper (they are 5$ and 3$) or if you dont mind to spend some get WTFast (arround 10$). In a tldr, the game server has issues with dynamic IPs because the most of them get routed via Level 3 servers (well known routting service for giving a lot of troubles with LoL) and there's only 2 choices, either NCSoft moves the location of the server (which as you can imagine its hard since they dont plan to do that) and 2nd get a pingbooster aka routting problem, and unless the server decides to lagspike, you wont have any issues with lag anymore. In case you are meaning FPS lag cant really give you much feedback with it since I dont experience those issues, but for what someone posted about a month ago, if you change the affinity of "Client.exe" to the par CPU (in case of i7) and then changing to nonpar CPU at the gameguard processor, then setting Client.exe priority to above normal or high it should fix it.