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  1. k, bye PS: get better pc or stop running shit on the background while playing it maybe ;)
  2. Well idk if they are includying the acessories on this upgrade changes, but knowing ncsoft they might just leave them as it is so people gets NCoin for get emblems and so.
  3. ??? read my first point m8 :). After wednesday patch they will decrease the materials for the oathbreaker path and its gonna be way cheaper, siren path was meant for lvl 45, while oathbreaker for lvl 50.
  4. 1st: On wednesday patch they are decreasing the mats you need for upgrade the weapon via Oathbreaker path @TheCreaper so your statement its alright for now, but after wednesday you will be the "genius" one 2nd: Is it true that the old lvl 45 24 man are dead, but thats because people dont bother to do them anymore, if they are new they just keep rushing the main story until lvl 49 that it ends even if they have awakened infernal weapon. Then once they are done they spend the money they get (which should be arround 50-60g) to upgrade to true profane, then do the lvl 50 dailies.
  5. That was a missread from my part sorry bbycake
  6. EU server are as crowded as NA LOL maybe you are not playing on one of the crowded servers, try Ebon hall/Starfall Crater or Windrest, those are the most crowded ones, specially the last one. But yeah there's some people that are just taking a break until lvl 50 patch comes out,cause lets be honest thats when the real game starts, since we catch up with KR/TW (like 2 patches behind them after lvl 50 patch) and that area is like x10 times bigger than moonwater, even thou on Korea they are getting a new area soon, which means lvl cap increase aswell :/
  7. Dont trust all what the people tells you on the forums, some people just wants to "kill" the game when its not even close, as I said some,normally the ones that complain about something specific etc, but there's also some nice people, dont worry if you check some threads you will see both kind of people, but trust me the game is not as dead as some people wants to make it look, not even close :)
  8. What did Old Man Cho do to you for wanting to kill him :( but yeah agreed with your post
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