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  1. Level 45 gearing guide and helpful links

    +1 bump, thank you for this information.
  2. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    The plot in a nutshell. 11/10 Anyways the lack of decision-making tends to be a common weakness in MMO's. It takes more work to incorporate different paths or storylines suited to the players' preference, rather than having everyone run the same exact content, so that is my guess as to why. I don't hate the storyline because I was prepared to just experience it as a completely passive...neutral...fence-sitting potato.
  3. Weapon progression

    Yep. Just make the party with your partner, go to the Cross-Server dungeon, and they will recieve a notification that will allow them to join you in the F8 lobby. If you encounter any problems with that, you could also invite them via a button on the bottom left corner in the F8 lobby which will allow you to type their username and they'll join your queue (do this before pressing LFP). Good luck.
  4. Weapon progression

    Don't bother trying to 2-man Blackram Narrows at that level. F8 Cross-Server Dungeon > select Blackram Narrows > LFP > and you're good to go with 4 other party members. There is no way you're going to be stuck waiting in the queue longer than maybe 15 seconds max. You will most likely have to run it multiple times for your specific needs but as long as RNG is somewhat forgiving, you'll get the weapon you need eventually.
  5. Account bound acc

    Yeah; you're going to have to grind for all your gear as an alt character.
  6. I think it'd really help to have an indication of which faction is more populated than the other. At least something like others have suggested; an "Outnumbered" buff. At the moment it's very vague and everyone is just angrily attempting to guess with ridiculous ratios.
  7. How dead is this game already?

    The game is definitely not dead. But this is only coming from someone playing on a relatively well-populated server in NA (Jiwan). Looking at other responses, newer servers aren't having much of a problem either.
  8. A rant about the bots in game.

    Yes, let's just ignore the other multiple bot threads up. Many of us are aware of the bot issue in BnS, but the only thing we are able to do right now is report the bots we see. Read replies in other threads regarding this problem; the solution remains the same.
  9. How Rigged are the loot tables?

    I feel as if the odds are against you when you're trying to go for your class, but maybe it's really just bad RNG.
  10. Spam in Forums.

    Anytime, buddy. Hopefully they'll come up with a permanent solution rather than having a "cleanup crew". Reason being that at any point in time people should be reading content relevant to the game, rather than constantly encountering spam and waiting for it to be removed.
  11. Spam in Forums.

    I'm sure this is obvious to anyone else browsing the forum, but the amount of "토토안전놀이터추천 ~%~% CVC79쩜 COM ~%~% 스포츠베팅 픽추천 " threads is getting out of hand. Highly advise moderators to look into solutions for keeping out spam ASAP.
  12. NcSoft pliease

    This. ^ NCSoft can't magically take away all the bots in this game. This situation applies to most F2P MMO's. Right now the only surefire way to improve the situation is to report bots.
  13. Support gave me a laugh today

    If you really had to, there are keys you can get from the HM store to deal with the RNG. I'm like you with the horrible luck. Lately I've been ultimately discouraged to level my Warlock because running the Darkglimpse for hours on end isn't my idea of fun. At the same time, I don't feel like shelling out money for something I could obtain for free. It's just an awful feeling when you run party after party, sometimes with the same people over and over, only to be left as the only one without the razor.
  14. Can i Play this game on these specs ?

    FPS drops seem to be a common occurrence among most players, regardless of how good their rig is. A friend of mine runs the game at 120 FPS and it drops to 60 from time to time (not like it would matter at that point, but it just goes to show how inconsistent it can be). I experience it too, regularly playing at 50ish FPS, then randomly dropping to 25. As others have mentioned, this game is just not optimized very well.
  15. Why are whispers forbidden?

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying!