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  1. As title states, I keep getting some message about having a "monitor program" running and therefore I can't run the game till it's not running anymore. I've closed EVERYTHING and still get this. And haven't found any old threads that fixed it for what I've got. Any help at all? No Steam, Geforce Experience, Origin, my Borderless Window program, MyGames launcher, no nothing running. Help!
  2. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Tried that man, but I do appreciate you stepping in to help. I can't get this figured out, no matter what I've tried, even with doing as said in that and removing everything from system startup and restarting
  3. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    I say monitor program, because that's the exact words the error uses, as I've pointed out multiple times in the thread. So, thanks for being unhelpful and non productive. If t hey're going to put blocks into the game, the error needs to say what it is, because currently, it literally just says I have a monitor program running and it can't run while it is. So, don't tell me to go into detail, tell NCSoft to go into detail if anything, because that error is completely vague...
  4. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Tried running the game without my IObit running, no dice, still getting the "monitor program" message, even after restarts still. Never in all my years of gaming have I encountered something this terrible. All I want to do is test the game and I can't, even with access to it. And apparently NCSoft doesn't bother to ever check bug reports and give support on em.
  5. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Ah, so it's IObit that's maybe doing it. That's super strange, but I'll have to test that out. I'd really hate to give up on IObit, considering that's something I've used for years. Thanks for that update mate, hopefully that's my issue as well.
  6. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Bump again. Would like to get this figured out before next time.
  7. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Bump for support again. Tried updating everything, multiple restarts, closing all excess programs, still nothing.
  8. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    By "monitor program" I mean exactly what I said, which is what the error says. I've restarted my computer numerous times to no avail. The problem is CLEARLY a BnS problem, as I've never ever experienced it with anything else, restarts haven't helped, closing all excess programs hasn't helped either. But thanks for coming in with the hostile attitude.
  9. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Bump for support...
  10. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Anyone there at all that feels like doing their jobs and helping out with a serious issue that prevents a person from even playing?
  11. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Bump for help please...